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Competition results: top commentator

Competition results: top commentator

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It was not easy, but we succeeded: we selected the winners of our April competition!

Thank you for inspiring comments, for all words of support and nice statements that confirm that you read our discussions and discuss about them. Thank you for visiting this site and allowing us to spread the idea of ​​a rational, sensible and loving approach to parenthood that does not hit neither the child nor mother and dad. We are also pleasantly surprised by all the voices of opposition in which you share your different points of view. Each comment is important to us and we thank you all together and for each individual.

T-shirts with the logo are won by:
1) Katie
[email protected]
2) Eve
[email protected]
3) anna
anna_wlodarczyk @ xxxx
4) anna
anistach @ xxxx
5) Revealing mother
6) joanna
asia79xx @ xxxx
7) miraga_
Mirage @ xxxxxx
8. viol
wiolcia8xx @ xxxx
9) Catherine
kasianajda @ xxxxx
10) Yulia
basiawloch @ xxxx
11) krawcik
krawcik @ xxxx
12) bottled mom
krasnalxxx @ xxxx
13) Irmina
Irmina @ xxx
14)  joanna
joamma @ xxxxx
15) Blond
malaxxx @ xxxx
16) aguska
aguska798 @ xxxx
17) angel
angelika_musial @ xxxx
18) monika06
monikamaziarka @ xxxxx
19) Proud Mother of Majka
heartburn-16 @ xxxx
20) Kazimiera W.
[email protected]

In addition, we send books to:

  1. joanna
    joamma @ xxxxx
  2. Eve
    [email protected]
  3. miraga_
    Mirage @ xxxxxx

Thanks again! We will contact all people via email.