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What does Jakub Ś currently do?

What does Jakub Ś currently do?

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Jakub Ś. a few months ago he became the hero of an article in the parental kits section. A few weeks ago his trial began.

He paid almost 30 thousand for designer clothes PLN, reducing the account of the Kidprotect Foundation by this amount. On vacation to Turkey with his fiancee also decided on the expense of Kidprotect. He downloaded 170,000 from ATMs. zł. In addition, he was not to pay for salaries or ZUS contributions for three employees (it is estimated that it could be PLN 200,000). He is accused of misappropriation of PLN 413 thousand. He faces imprisonment from 3 months to 5 years.

Who is the once-known President of the Kidprotect Foundation, who embezzled money and caused that trust in institutions working for people in need of help drastically decreased? Newsweek exactly a year ago: "An expert defending abused children. Famous blogger. A fascination for gothic metal and sado-maso. And a man who - according to the prosecutor's office - could have embezzled money from the foundation he created. "What does he do now?

It turns out that he doesn't give up. Everything indicates that he has found his way of doing business, investing time and big money to "spin up" the fan page Smart Wise and pages with the same title. The plans, as a certain "Kuba" informs on his profile, have also opened a general page for women.

However, his name is "not bragging", responding to emails is signed only by name, and on the profile he is called "Kuba" and not "Jakub" - the version of the name most associated with his name. On the Smart-Parents page, information about its Author is "hidden", but you can find it.

The most interesting is that the owner of the domain is Kidprotect (still!), And the owner of the site LN Media Sp. z o.o. The company LN Media Sp. z o.o. was founded on 31.12.2013, the website on Facebook and Smart-Parents have been longer. It is "heavily" promoted over the past few months (which can be judged by the number of ads displayed on the FB target group: also me). Who was behind the website's advertisement before it officially passed into the hands of LN Media Sp. z o.o? Wasn't the website owner and still the domain president of Who is handling the site today? Who is the person who introduces himself as "Winnie Fatalist"?

It is worth adding something else. The president of the board of LN Media is associated with the Lex Nostra foundation. At one time, the current owner of KidProtect (website, not domain), president of LN Media and Lex Nostra, issued a letter in defense of

"Has anyone asked the question how much private money the Founder Jakub Śpiewak had to contribute to the first years of the foundation's activity?" So, Mr. President and Jakub Ś. do they know each other Support? Do they collaborate on the Wise Parents website? It can be assumed that the CEO branded the initiative with his name and the site is run by the same ... Winnie Fatalista. Invariably from the very beginning.

On the part of the Lex Nostra foundation

The domain owner Wise Parents is Kid Protect ...

The case was reported to us by a Reader who, after revealing who the Leader of the Wise Parents website has lost the ability to add comments on it ... She feels cheated and punished for wanting to start a discussion (as a proof she sends a screen from the Wise-Parents profile, posts can only be shared, but they were not allowed to comment on it). Why did she lose the opportunity to add comments after she shared her insights? What is the fear of the person administering the Wise Parents profile, who calls himself "Kuba"?

Jakub Ś: creator of websites

In April 2012, Ś. he registered a business. It was another decision after creating websites, marketing offers and advertisements. Since 2008, he has run blogs: private, official, advertising, politics, music, marketing. On his pages he touched on the topics of children's rights, sex education, differences between pedophiles and perpetrators, and denied the legitimacy of spanking.

Added on 10.11.2014 - After a while everything became clear ... and official.

Sado Maso

Newsweek quotes the words of Saint. from one of the blogs: "I have nothing against sadomasochism. What's more - such relationships fascinate me. So if someone would, for example, accuse me of this, I answer: nothing to anyone in my bedroom, unless I break the law and hurt no one or nobody harms me. "

Nobody takes Jacob Ś. merits and many years of involvement in activities for molested children. However, it is hard to resist the impression that this is a person with two faces.

And what do you think about it? Jakub Ś. deserves a second chance? By creating Mąrzy-Parents website, he redeems his faults or on the contrary?