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Let's play with children!

Let's play with children!

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What do we associate with childhood? Mainly with carelessness and no responsibilities. We spend our days playing with peers, but also with mom and dad. Time spent together is a priceless time and the most beautiful gift a parent can give his child.

Meanwhile, over 80% of parents declare that they do not have time to play with their children. What's more, they say that even if they manage to get some free time, they often just don't know how to play with a child.

Can there be time?

He, she and the child. The day usually starts around 6 am. Hansel rises first. Somewhere between 5 and 6 he starts to roll nervously in the cot and slowly demands louder shouts demanding parental interest.

Dreaming about a moment of rest, they pretend to be asleep. However, the scream intensifies and the cot falls out in turn: blanket, pillows, pajama shorts and a teddy bear. Silence. The lack of any reaction on the part of adults means that the toddler decides on the last resort - loud, irritating lamet. It always works.

At first she delays from bed. He has to do so many things before he goes to work! And time is running out.

After a while he gets up completely sleepy. Hansel, pulled out of the cot, wakes up completely in a split second and rushes to the next room, where the toy box lies.

The next day begins ... At 7 am, my dad and mother leave for work. The child will be looked after by someone else. Parents will be back tonight. She is about 17. He can have dinner. After returning, just shopping, a phone call to grandma and walking the dog. Oh, and soup for tomorrow.

Maybe it would be good to finally iron the laundry that has been in the wardrobe for a week? ... And so about 20 are already together again. They have time for themselves and they can have fun: draw, dance, arrange blocks, bake cookies together or stick an airplane model. Whatever they want. Only it is already so late ... You need to go to bed.

They don't worry about it though, they will make up for it on the weekend. They will go on a trip to the zoo or the cinema together. Only not before noon - he says - in the morning I have a gym, I need to de-stress after a whole week. We have to go for a gift for my mother - she says - it would also be worth cleaning up a bit.

Therefore, they postpone the fun to Sunday. On Sunday morning, however, more thoughts come to them: The only day when we can sleep and rest a bit. Let's stay home The child is happy: So now we will have fun all day, because fun is rest. However, it turns out that not for parents. For mom and dad, playing with a 2-year-old is a boring and tiring duty. That's why Hansel hears the words again: Honey, please, play a little alone. Let us rest. And so another week passes ...

Many modern parents say that they have no time for anything. The rush of life forces them to constantly be active in the professional and personal sphere, to have more and be in something better. They are busy, stressed and tired. All this is reflected in their relationships with loved ones and above all, in contacts with children. Today, children often spend more time without parents than with them. Rarely does anyone allow themselves to quit their job, although for a certain period and dedication to the child.