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"A man who wanted to understand women"

"A man who wanted to understand women"

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Bellona Publishing House has recently published a new novel by Matt Mayewski, author of the young generation, futurist and graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics.
It was accidental for the book to consider whether men are able to understand women, so whether a Mars communication bridge could be built between Mars and Venus. The author allowed himself in contemporary and absolutely realistic conditions to vent the futuristic imagination ...

The main character is 33-year-old Jack, programmer working in a corporation. Despite his skills and abilities, he is not an appreciated employee. His social life, especially male-female is unsuccessful, to say the least. The only companion of Jacek's life is a fat tomcat - Richard. With a desire to change something in his life, Jack takes the challenge of creating an original program that supports the innovative dating site ... I will not write more about the content ... Convince yourself!

The novel is special. Surprisingly it is read lightly and quickly. Under favorable conditions, it can be "absorbed" even within two days. However, having an absorbing child, we'll probably devote to reading about a week. A great idea is a larger-than-normal font and a division not only into chapters, but also paragraphs. Each paragraph is short enough that when reading in public transport or while walking with a child or playing at home, we can read a bit, after paragraph without having to break halfway through the thread. This is a very convenient form that I only appreciate now, being a mother.

The author is the owner of the so-called light feathers, which makes it easier not only to read, but to understand the main character's thinking, we do not get lost in sentences that are repeatedly complex, forgetting at the end what was at the beginning. The descriptions are so vivid that the reader can easily imagine the protagonists appearing from the side of appearance, manner of movement, and even facial expressions (the imagination amused me the most when I read about frenzy and anger attacks by Tamara - Jacek's superior).

Matt Mayewski suited my reading taste with the most "strict" mind that can be felt by reading a novel. All threads, thoughts and sentences are ordered, closed, exhausted, there is no chaos or artistic "freedom".
There is nothing to write about - Dear readers: in the near future go to a bookstore, whether stationary or online and buy (or borrow at the library) a novel by Matt Mayewski.

Entertainment and nice time - guaranteed! The best recommendation on my part will certainly be that whenever I have the opportunity, I will reach for another book of this author.

Thank you, Bellona, ​​for sharing the book for review.