With a dog or cat at home, fewer diseases?

With a dog or cat at home, fewer diseases?

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We have another reason to buy a pet for your child. Studies have shown that children who are brought up in a home where a dog or cat also lives are more resistant to illness: viral infections, are more likely to undergo respiratory diseases and otitis.These conclusions were reached by Finnish scholars who noticed that animal allergens and contaminants carried home with their hair have a positive effect on the immune system in children. Thanks to this, the infant's body from the very beginning is better stimulated to produce defense reactions. In this way he learns to recognize the viruses and bacteria that surround him and matures faster to develop appropriate defense mechanisms.

The study was conducted on nearly 400 infants born between 2002 and 2005. Researchers observed each child for a year. Infants who had constant contact with the dog or cat were sick less than other children. For example, the likelihood of a middle ear infection, which is a very common childhood disease, has dropped from around 76% to 44%. Children who had no contact with animals were sick 10% more often, and those who stayed at home with their four-legged animals less often had to be treated with antibiotics.

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