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Proven Christmas gingerbread recipes

Proven Christmas gingerbread recipes

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It starts in December, in stores shopping craze gifts. No wonder we have a desire to feel the aroma of gingerbread.

Gingerbread is always associated with Christmas, falling snow and moments at the family table. Therefore, since the Christmas mood is everywhere, our two authors: Wioleta and Dorota have decided to bake gingerbread cookies at home.

Wioleta was initially to use the "universal" recipe, bake gingerbreads and put them in a cardboard box until they crumble. At the last moment, however, she received a recipe from a friend for gingerbread, which you can eat right away, because they are not hard. Dorota, in turn, decided to bake gingerbread for the first time in her life. She tested two recipes. One ended in disaster, the other ... came out deliciously.


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Gingerbread ingredients that you can eat right away

1 kg of flour
Cube of butter
5 eggs
1.5 cups sugar
half a liter of liquid honey
3 tablespoons of cocoa
2 packages of seasoning
a teaspoon of cinnamon
2 teaspoons of ammonia
2 tablespoons of grain coffee
2 spoons of baking powder

Making gingerbread without lying down

Melt butter and set aside to cool. We dissolve ammonia in a tablespoon of cold water. We brew cereal coffee in half a glass of boiling water and let it cool.

Sift flour with powder into a bowl, add butter, eggs, sugar, honey, cocoa, spice, cinnamon, ammonia, coffee essence and knead the dough in succession. If it is too sticky, you can add more flour. Wrapped the dough in foil and put in the fridge overnight.

In the morning we take the cake out of the fridge. We roll out a cake about 3 mm thick (cover with flour if necessary) and cut out various cookie shapes (the rolling pin and molds from the dough set were very useful for the son).

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees, put the cookies on a baking tray lined with baking paper. The gingerbreads still grow a little while baking, so you need to arrange them not too close together. During this time you will definitely feel the wonderful aroma of gingerbread and after about 8 minutes we take out already baked cookies. (The recipe suggested 10 minutes, but after about 8 minutes the gingerbread began to burn).

Before the gingerbreads (about 100 cakes come out of the recipe) managed to bake to the end, some teddy bears were already without heads and Christmas trees of tips - well, the little chef had to try his baking. After baking, the gingerbreads were waiting to be decorated. At home chocolate topping, cupcakes and icing markers were found.

We poured chocolate hearts on the hearts, while the Christmas trees, teddy bears etc. alternately with the son were decorated with iced markers, which I honestly do not recommend, because the icing hardened every now and then and had to be heated constantly, which particularly irritated my son. At the end we made icing (warm water, powdered sugar, a bit of lemon juice) I poured the rest of the gingerbread and the small one decorated with sprinkles.

I have to admit that the gingerbreads are excellent, despite the lack of our artistic abilities, just close your eyes and enjoy their soft and aromatic taste, so I don't know if they will last until Christmas. I recommend baking gingerbread to everyone, it's a great way to have fun and have a good time with your family.


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It was supposed to be like this ...

Baking and cooking has never been my strong point. However, after a few experiences, I find that the kitchen requires peace and time. It is not worth hurrying and planning several things at once, because not only the pleasure of "cooking" disappears, but also the effect remains miserable.

My husband and I tried two gingerbread recipes. One ended with the creation of a glue-like mass from which it was difficult to free hands, a rolling pin and all necessary kitchen accessories. The reason may be a bad recipe (more likely) or poor performance (less likely, though possible, the recipe assumed to leave the finished mass covered for two hours in a warm place, during this time we went with my daughter for a walk and for some shopping. Maybe it was a mistake, because instead of walking, it would be wiser to watch the cakes?;)).

Gingerbread cake failed

Recipe for failed gingerbread approach number 1

The recipe comes from the "Send recipe" newspaper

Honey gingerbreads

Ingredients for 50-60 gingerbreads

75 margarine

25 dag honey

12.5 dag sugar

1 packet of gingerbread spices

50 dag flour

2 spoons of baking powder

1 egg

In the description, the recipe was sent by the attention ... child. A little girl. The photographs show how the girl makes gingerbread with ease ... Unfortunately, in our case the recipe turned out to be quite wrong. The mass came out very sticky, the consistency felt almost all honey, adding flour did little good.

After the first failure, we didn't give up. We reached for the classic "Polish cuisine", which is to cover only proven recipes.

Proven gingerbread recipe best after three days

Ready gingerbread, it remains only to decorate

The basic advantage of this recipe is simplicity. Just add all the ingredients and the cake just comes out. It is very grateful already during kneading and in no way resembles the dough that was created after the first recipe. The still warm gingerbread tasted great. According to the recipe, however, they are best after three days. However, you can store gingerbread for up to three to four weeks under proper conditions.

Step one: mix flour, baking soda, powdered sugar and spices

Ingredients for gingerbread dough

500 g flour

200 grams of honey (a little less than half a cup, four full spoons)

150 grams of butter

200 grams of powdered sugar

1 egg

1 egg yolk

10 grams of baking soda

2 tablespoons baking spices

30 grams of fried orange peel (we didn't add)

Decorated gingerbreads

Icing recipe

(you can, but you don't have to decorate)

50 g sugar

1 teaspoon lemon juice

150 grams of powdered sugar

5-6 drops of almond oil


Step two: add honey and melted butter or margarine

Heat the honey and butter just enough to dissolve and cool (it should be slightly warm). Mix the flour on the board (or bowl) with soda, gingerbread spices and powdered sugar. Make a hole and pour honey butter and egg with egg yolks. Add very finely chopped orange zest (we haven't added) and knead a smooth, shiny dough: it kneads really quickly and easily.

Roll them out to a thickness of about half a centimeter and punch out dough with any shape. Arrange on a baking tray smeared with butter and flour or lined with baking paper. Keep a safety distance of about 1-1.5 cm, because the cookies will rise.

Bake for about 10 minutes (8 minutes in our case) in an oven preheated to 180 degrees.

Step three: add the beaten egg with yolks

Gingerbread can be decorated immediately after cooling down or 2-3 days before serving, when we take them out of an airtight container to make them moist and soft (instead, you can also put an orange or apple peel into the container, which will reduce the time it takes to soften) . If you plan to store gingerbreads for 3-4 weeks, you can not icing them (of course you can not icing at all). If we want them to soften faster, it is best to sugar them immediately after preparation and cooling.

Making icing

Pour powdered sugar into the bowl. Pour crystalline sugar with two tablespoons of water and boil. We add lemon juice, almond oil and hot syrup slowly pour into powdered sugar, grate with a wooden spoon or mix with a mixer at low speed until a homogeneous mass is formed.

Step four: we knead the dough

Pour chilled gingerbreads with warm icing. Gingerbreads can not be iced. Store in a closed container. The best are after 3-4 days.