Rice milk - recipe

Rice milk - recipe

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What to give to a small allergy sufferer instead of cow's milk? After millet and almond milk, we decided to check another recipe, this time for rice milk.

A ready liter of milk in a store costs around 8-9 zlotys (it is processed milk and usually very sweet - therefore worse in this respect than a drink prepared at home). At home, we will prepare them for less than a zloty.

Rice milk can be prepared from any type of rice - the best, because the most valuable will be whole grain brown rice. However, rice milk can also be made from white rice and even from rice flakes. The more processed rice, however, the drink will be "worse" in quality.

Rice milk made of brown rice contains:

rice milk

  • a large amount of fiber,
  • Vitamin E
  • vitamin B6,
  • magnesium,
  • calcium,
  • potassium,
  • iron,
  • selenium,
  • copper,
  • zinc,
  • manganese.

How to prepare rice milk?

Rice milk recipe

  • one scoop of rice
  • four scoops of hot water
  • salt and possibly honey / agave syrup / sugar
  • possibly a vanilla pod

Cook the rice with or without a vanilla stick. It should be well cooked, even slightly overcooked.

We pull out vanilla and put rice into a dish in which we will blend it.

Pour 4 scoops of warm and even hot water (e.g. if we cooked a glass of rice, we pour 4 cups of warm water over the rice). Mix and pour through a gauze strainer.

If we have a thick consistency and we want it to be more watery, we can add water.

Bon Appetit!