BabyOno Giraffe Melcia

BabyOno Giraffe Melcia

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BabyOno is a well-known brand that offers toys and accessories for children. Among them is the giraffe presented in the photo below.

Is the toy noteworthy?

First of all, it has interesting, juicy colors, which is why it catches the eye. It is made of soft materials, very pleasant to the touch. It has long handles and legs that are easy to catch and hug the entire toy.

He has a small rattle in his tummy - which certainly arouses interest in the toy.

However, are there minuses?

I think so - a giraffe doesn't look like a giraffe :) It has a short neck.

Secondly, the socks on the leg are easy to take off ... but difficult to put on.

The price seems adequate to the quality (about 50 PLN)