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Smell for the child

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I don't know who will buy it, but I'm afraid there will be plenty of those willing. Well-known children's producer Johnson Baby decided to launch a (first American) cosmetic that will improve the smell of ... children. Its use gives the toddler's skin a floral and citrus scent. From the description we can learn that Johnson Baby Cologne is alcohol-free, has clinically proven effects, a delicate and non-irritating formula ...

Forgive me, but this article will break the idea that accompanies us when publishing articles in two sections on the site: parental hits and parental kits. Instead of spending about PLN 15 on Johnson Baby cosmetics, I decided at the outset not to test this product. I say NO to the idea itself. If you have a different opinion, lead me out of my mistake.

Perfumes for adults?

I am convinced that all varieties of perfumes should be left to adults. Let them decide whether to use them or not. And often instinctively, when a child is tiny, they give up on them. It must mean something! They often find that it is better to use fragrant cosmetics with great caution and care, so as not to irritate the baby's delicate nose, which could result in his worse mood. I have heard many times that the birth of a child taught parents to use cosmetics in moderation, especially those moms and daddies who used to "pour" large quantities of fragrant fluids on themselves.

There is also another problem. Any smells are not indicated when the baby is breastfeeding. In this case, a strong smell can effectively discourage your toddler from sucking. I myself remember very well that during breastfeeding I used some kind of intuitive fragrance-free cosmetics. Perfumes were on the shelf. I returned to them after putting my daughter away.

Improve your child's smell

And the child? Of course, when the diaper is full, there is a bad smell. It becomes unpleasant as the child's diet expands. But so what? After all, the unpleasant smell does not apply to an infant, but poop ... Just scroll. Why even apply additional scents to your child's body? What does the child smell like? Every parent knows. Just hug your baby after a bath to feel the most beautiful fragrance in the world ...

Let's add a few tips from the manufacturer:

  • the product can be used after consulting a doctor if the child has allergies and asthma,
  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • protect from direct sunlight.

For doing justice. Not only Johnson's Baby came up with the "brilliant" idea of ​​creating children's fragrances. Similar proposals can also be found in the offer of other manufacturers. Many of them are recommended for ... newborns. For example, Burberry Baby Touch Eau de Toilette is a composition of: warm milk, sweet vanilla, mint, lily of the valley and lemon. Whereas Bulgari - Petits et Mamans takes us into the world of scents: sunflower, peach, vanilla and chamomile. And all this for children ... actually the parents of these children.