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Didn't the child come to your friend's birthday? Parent, pay the penalty!

Didn't the child come to your friend's birthday? Parent, pay the penalty!

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History happened in Great Britain. The 5-year-old was invited to a classmate for his birthday. The child's parents confirmed the arrival of the toddler, but eventually the guest did not appear. The jubilee and his family were not notified about the absence of one of the guests, because the boy's mother lost the invitation with contact details.

The offended mother of the birthday party - the organizer of the reception at the ski resort - issued an invoice to non-verbal guests for GBP 15.95, equal to the cost of providing space for the absent participant. If the invoice is not paid, the case will end in court.

Parents who have received an invoice for payment, do not hide their surprise. They emphasize that they do not know the parents of the jubilee, that they could not contact them. In addition, they say that it is not about money, because it is not a problem, but about the way they were treated: "If not people." However, the organizer of the birthday - a mother of five does not understand the line of defense. He emphasizes that the details to her were on the invitation, and if the child could not appear at the birthday party, parents should let him know.

Many people have commented on the whole story on Twitter and other media, mainly criticizing the decision of the mother's anniversary. However, rightly so?

It is worth noting that the case is not isolated. There have already been invoices in England requesting payment for the cost of the place for unjustified absence at the wedding.

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