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Three-wheel indestructible motorbike

Three-wheel indestructible motorbike

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On the market, manufacturers are outdoing themselves in the production of various types of toys, and even more the car toys. My son has three at home, but only one is an inseparable playmate. I consider it a total hit, not because it is my child's favorite toy, but as a solid material from which it was made.

The vehicle is intended according to the manufacturer up to 5 years with a load capacity of up to 15 kg. My son weighs about 12 kg, so it's in the range. However, the real strength of the vehicle turned out to be a surprising fact. One day a son, a cousin, who is already in primary school, visited his son, is overweight, valid for over 60 kg. When during the visit I saw the boy sitting on my son's motorbike, my heart trembled, I thought that he probably had everything possible in it. I ordered him to go down and he replied that he was not sitting on it for the first time, nothing would happen, because he also has one at home and nothing has happened so far. From the later interview of the boy's parents it turned out that they actually have very similar at home and the boy has been riding him for several years.

In addition, the ride on the rear has a wide track, which prevents overturning. My son sometimes hit the wall, drove him around the yard and there was never a dump truck. The front wheel has pedals attached, which allows the child to additionally learn to pedal. It is true that pedaling is quite resistant, but you just need to get some practice to move yourself. Certainly it is easier to pedal than with standard three-wheeled bikes (pushers), which are difficult to reach with the pedal leg.

The ride-on has a comfortable backrest, which can also be used as a pusher for a baby just learning to walk. It is great for the yard - especially for uneven terrains, you can easily ride it on sand or stones.

My son got a ride as a gift, so I don't know how much it cost, but prices on the internet range from 70-120 PLN, so the price is not excessive.

Generally, I think that the ride-on ride has no flaws, except maybe stickers that are easy to peel off, which makes the vehicle less attractive. I consider the most important feature of the ride to be durability and stability. He fulfills it 100%.


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