Feeding the newborn bottle

Feeding the newborn bottle

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It is obvious that in an ideal world all babies should be breastfed from birth for at least a few months. Unfortunately, we do not live in such a reality. Breastfeeding is often not possible, not only with the young mother's "see", as many natural breastfeeders believe unfairly, but often for medical reasons. Sometimes there are specific contraindications against natural feeding.

Regardless of the reasons why the baby is bottle-fed. It is worth noting that the alternative to breastfeeding is not just bottle feeding. You can also use milk from a breast milk bank.

However, this article is about feeding a newborn bottle. What is worth remembering when we give the baby a mix?

How do you know if your child is hungry?

Although a newborn baby usually cries because of hunger, of course the reason for crying may be different. Therefore, it is worth watching the child closely from the first days and not responding to the pattern - crying = hunger.

If the baby turns his head towards the parent's chest and opens his mouth, clearly looking for a food source, we have the answer what to do.

A baby who has eaten usually sucks more slowly or simply stops. It is worth taking a break at such a moment, giving the child time to feel that it is already full.

How much milk does a newborn baby need?

This is a very individual matter, however, there is a formula that translates this way: that a child needs between 150 and 200 ml for every kilogram of body a day.

This means that if a newborn baby weighs 3 kilograms, he or she will need 450-600 ml of milk per day. However, beware in the first week of life, the baby's tummy is usually small enough that he may want to eat a lot less. Therefore, if the toddler is calm, wakes up for food, soaks diapers, it can be said that everything is fine.

Feeding a newborn bottle - quantity

In the first week of the baby's life, give the baby 60-70 ml of milk for each feeding.

From about the second week to the completion of two months, give a serving of 105 ml of milk. During the whole day, the child will probably eat from 450 ml to 750 ml of milk. You should know quickly enough if your child is hungry, eats the whole portion and looks around, waiting for more.