We feed the dogs

We feed the dogs

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The action "Karmimy Psiaki" is a nationwide initiative that aims to collect meals for homeless animals. Currently, help is directed to the shelter: in Zabrze-Biskupice, where there are over 300 dogs waiting to be able to take advantage of human sensitivity, good heart and commitment to improve their fate.

Employees and friends of the "Psitulmnie" shelter have been trying for years to provide the best conditions for the dogs living there. Thanks to the action, you can help them in this task and guarantee their dogs a daily full bowl of food.

How to get involved? It's easy. All you need is three answers to 'yes' from people who agree to leave their name, surname and email address on a special form to receive information from sponsors in exchange for a bowl of dog food. In addition, you can also adopt a selected animal by paying the selected amount. You can also help as a volunteer by informing your friends about the "Feeding Dogs" campaign, hanging up posters and distributing leaflets.

Sosrodzice.pl took patronage over the "We Feed Dogs" campaign.