8 weeks pregnant

8 weeks pregnant

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The eighth week is adequate time for ultrasound. The embryo must have already nested, the doctor will also be able to look at hearts (heart beats at a dizzying speed of 150 beats per minute: twice as fast as yours).

The first visit to the doctor in combination with the "preview" of the child is usually very touching moment. Nothing prevents your partner or friend from attending your bean test.


The pregnancy bubble has 3-5 mm in diameter, and the embryo measures 15-18 mm long. This means that your son or daughter are big large raspberry.

At this stage, you can already distinguish the face and tiny nostrils. They are also well outlined jaw and jaw. The nervous system, and especially the heart, which is already well formed, is subject to further development. You can also stand out bladder, kidneys and larynx.

It's amazing that in the eighth week the embryo has elbows, eyelids, buds of future teeth and nipples. Tissues are also formed which then build spine bones. Limbs are also well developed. You can highlight the fingers and toes as well gentle baby movements.

Child begins to make spontaneous, yet uncoordinated movements. However, they cannot yet be sensed at this stage.


Has information about pregnancy been already solemnly announced? (read: how to provide information about pregnancy). Perhaps you plan to do this only after the first trimester? You can easily implement each of the options. Although you are probably already watching waist extension other people around you by their appearance will not be able to say that you are expecting a child.

You can observe your pregnancy at this stage white vaginal discharge. They can also accompany you heartburn, indigestion and flatulence. Typical also remains emotional instability, unexplained tears, mood swings, irrationality, irritability. You can feel too fear, anxiety, excitement, joy: all together or just one of these feelings.

Unfortunately, in the first trimester you can often accompany you too Headache. Instead of reaching for the pill right away, try to try some natural ways of dealing with discomfort. Try to get started first rest more. Also try outdoor walks that will give you energy and help you survive the first difficult weeks of pregnancy.

What is worth remembering?

Every day remember that together with the child you are connected vessels. Everything about you also applies to him. Therefore, do not overtire, rest a lot.

Pregnant, unless your doctor tells you otherwise there are no contraindications to sex. Certain blockades may result from worse mood. Nausea, fatigue and drowsiness are usually not good factors for rapprochement. If you don't want anything more than a hug and a good night kiss, just tell your partner honestly. Talk.

From mom's diary

I piss without a break. Apparently nothing compared to what awaits me later. Frequent visits to the toilet however, they are not as bothersome as nausea. My husband looks at me suspiciously and threatened that if I do not start eating something (anything, as long as systematically and in normal portions), we will go to the hospital and connect me to the drip. Dodger…

If it wasn't a little nauseous, I feel even worse because I have to deal with constipation. Additional discomfort is increased vaginal discharge. Inserts become necessary. Changed several times a day, and in practice every time you visit the toilet, i.e. every half hour on average. Overall it is wonderful ... Because the hair seems to be denser, and my skin prone to rebel and breakouts appears smooth like a baby's pup (this comparison turned out to be the most natural). I could enjoy all this, but forgive me, I'm going to sleep ...

As for the dream, I will add that dreams also surprised me. I have the impression that he lives awake both during the day and at night. Everything seems so real, real, tangible. I wonder what I dream about this time.

From dad's diary

I can't look at her tiredness. She wants to improve her mood, but I don't really know how ... When she withdraws, she says I'm absent, when I try to be close, I see that she is tired of my plans for the evening. He takes away many of my initiatives with a roar, is irritable, and is hugging and hugging me with all my might. I listen to my dreams every morning. Sometimes they laugh at me, other times the visions are terrifying that I don't know what to say. This is just the beginning, and so much has changed!

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