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"Something out of nothing" - how to spend time creatively with a child

"Something out of nothing" - how to spend time creatively with a child

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Play is certainly an important element of the children's world. It brings a lot of joy and satisfaction, and at the same time performs cognitive and educational functions.

It is part of the everyday world in which children grow up. Let us, therefore, experience this wonderful time by sharing it with them.

Although in the age of computers trying to interest a child in something other than colorful applications, games may seem difficult for some parents, I assure you - nothing could be more wrong !!! When we lack ideas for fun (which is natural), creative parents come to the rescue.

Games with a child that do not cost a penny

On the web you can find a lot of interesting ideas for creative and developing classes with children. And you often don't have to spend a penny.

Yes! All you have to do is open the kitchen cabinet, you will not get rid of all the food packaging, you will leave a few birthday ribbons, beads, bags ...

"Something from nothing" games are great for developing a child's imagination. They allow independent thinking, teach savings as well as creativity. Children are filled with pride when they can do something interesting from scratch, give someone a hand-made gift, or play a game with their parents or friends that they created!

Each of us is a creative parent. Just look around, start your imagination and start working.

Today I will tell you a little bit and share with you our ideas for fun at home.

1). Art classes, balloon creatures

You don't have to have any artistic skills to start playing in this direction! Do you remember what I said about the imagination?

What will be needed:

* Several balloons

* Adhesive, double-sided adhesive tape

* Newspaper clippings, ribbons, tissue paper, colored sheets of paper

* Scissors

* Highlighters

* Stickers

And now to work! Fill the balloons with air. Paint your eyes on a piece of paper, cut and glue. Together, choose long, colorful ribbons - yes, they can be hair. And the smile that is still in yesterday's newspaper? It will definitely be useful. Why don't you paint your mustache now? Yes ... you can definitely do it yourself.

2). Game. Spider's web

Who among us doesn't like games? Regardless of whether we are big or small, the spark of competition lies in each of us. And most importantly, fun is even better when it comes to group competitions!

To make our spider web we used:

* Hula hoop

* Masking tape

* Colorful pompoms and cotton pads

Stick the masking tape so that its inner part (the one with the adhesive) is in front of the hula hoop. You can create something like a spider's web or stick tape strips quite randomly. It is important not to leave too much free space. And now for places, ready ... START! Everyone with their portion of pompoms / swabs tries to hit the "shield" so that the largest number of pompoms stays glued to the network (so as not to have a problem with counting, it is worth assigning each color / size to each one.) Let me know if you also laughed so loudly as we :)

3). Learning through play. Figures on a cork board

Mathematics doesn't have to be boring. And learning through play is a great opportunity to learn and to have fun.

I need you:

* Cork board

* Pins with plastic heads

* Rubber bands

Take the pin board (we used A3 size). Help the child to make pins. You can arrange them randomly or in even rows. Draw / print geometrical figures on a piece of paper (choose appropriate for the child's age.) And now with the help of prescription erasers, the child is supposed to reproduce the figures that you have prepared for him. Keep the elastic against one of the pins and drag it to the next one until you get the desired shape.

You can try to create letters, numbers and simple pictures.

And how were you having fun? :) I hope that I awakened your imagination a little and that spending creative time with your child will bring you a lot of joy and satisfaction!