14 weeks of pregnancy

14 weeks of pregnancy

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You can see already in 14 weeks of pregnancy a characteristic line running on your stomachwhich is a sign of hormonal changes. It is dark brown and is called the Negra line. It disappears a few to several weeks after delivery.


At this stage fetuses begin to grow at different rates. Some children: faster, others slower. At this stage, however, most babies are the size of a clenched fist.

Baby's eyes they are already in place (from the side of the head moved to its front). ears also shifted and are now on the sides of the head. The palate is growing. On a small baby head Italian may already appear.

Amniotic fluid, which is regenerated every three hours, allows the baby to breathing exercise. It's not everything. Toddler also remembering trains suction, using your own thumb for this purpose. It is very important that after delivery, almost automatically, instinctively the baby learns to suck from the breast.

He goes on ossification process. At this stage, it covers the ribs and vertebrae. In contrast, the most amazing are the gains generated in the nervous system. It turns out that it arises every minute up to 250,000 new nerve cells!


At this stage the tummy can get very big. One day you won't have him to wake up the next day. However, how fast this process will take place is an individual matter. The abdominal wall muscles are very important, they determine how quickly pregnancy is visible and when you can proudly emphasize your altered state.

What is worth remembering?

In pregnancy, pay attention to your comfort. First of all, do not wear uncomfortable underwear that compresses and sticks into the skin. The "bikini" panties worn under the tummy will be the best. Also choose clothing that doesn't squeeze or restrict movement.

If there were cases of genetic diseases in your family or you are a mother who has reached the age of 35 or gave birth to a sick child, your doctor may order you amniocentesis. This is a test that involves taking a sample of amniotic fluid. Then the fluid collected in this way is examined for genetic diseases. It is important to do this between 15 and 17 weeks.

From mom's diary

I regain strength overnight. Fortunately, the time of the greatest crisis has passed. The dark line on the abdomen is also becoming more pronounced, which runs from the navel to the place that was mine (or the man of my life so far), which is now viewed by a doctor every few weeks, and after delivery by a staff of medical staff.

Another ultrasound examination is done in great concentration. The husband sits next to the doctor and stares with undisguised pride and probably just as much disbelief at the ultrasound monitor. Finally, the words we have been waiting for so long: the girl. Our little girl turns out to be a girl. This comment causes a stream of tears. I'm delighted. The doctor adds a smile: a girl will be next, a third boy will be born.

Tears from an ultrasound scan stay with me at home. I cry when I see a diaper advertisement on TV, I am moved, passing a puppy on the street, I can not stop the characteristic burning of the lips when I look at tiny clothes. In general, I became a cunt from a sensitive woman.

A friend urges me to do yoga. I'm going. It was not a good idea. A person who has never flexed in this way will not be able to do so during pregnancy. Although it sounds trendy and fashion suggests many solutions, I give up. I admit openly: yoga is not for me.

From dad's diary

A guy like me, and I had a problem controlling my emotions in the office ... It's all so clear. I thought I would have a problem assessing where the head, legs, torso is ... but no. You can see it all at your fingertips!

Like this ... that I will have a daughter !!!

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