19th week of pregnancy

19th week of pregnancy

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If you have any luck, you'll know this week child's sex. If the toddler is properly arranged, everything will be clear. If you want to have a surprise and have agreed that you do not need to know the sex of the baby before delivery, let your doctor know. Let them write your decision on the pregnancy card so as not to accidentally reveal to you what you do not want to know.


He already has a child explicit sexual characteristics. Girls have clearly formed fallopian tubes, uterus, vagina and ovaries. They already have about 6 million small eggs, of which a million will remain after delivery. After puberty, they will be ready to fertilize and to pass on a new life.
In boys, the internal genitalia grow. On the ultrasound image you can already clearly see the scrotum.
The toddler improves all the skills he has acquired before - rotation, movements, finger sucking, "breathing". A child too he hears better and better. Excessive noise can frighten him, resulting in sudden movement.
Toddler this stage it measures on average 15 cm and weighs about 200 grams. This size can be compared to a large mango.


Back pains can be more and more annoying for you. To get some relief, pay attention to your diet. Do not eat for two, but for two. Do not overdo it with the amount of sweets. Try to choose products using the principle of diversity and choosing those suggestions from the menu that allow you to feel fuller for longer.

Pay attention also for footwear. Do not wear shoes with high heels. Instead, invest in a comfortable pair on a small wedge. It's worth choosing shoes half a number larger. During pregnancy, the foot is often swollen and enlarges, which can effectively prevent you from wearing your current footwear. If that wasn't enough, you may feel leg cramps.

In the second trimester you can also have trouble getting out of bedwhen you can feel right after waking up weakness or even dizziness. To prevent this, try not to make sudden moves in the morning. Also, always have a small snack next to your bed that will give you a valuable dose of energy.

What is worth remembering?

At night, the expectant mother may feel tingling and even painful cramps. All due to the load on the leg muscles, due to swelling of the tissues and a greater load on the circulatory system. How to deal with this ailment? The solution can be taking magnesium (e.g. in the form of a solution) and gentle, non-exhaustive exercises.

From mom's diary

I don't have a waist! Literally. My indentation disappeared, and I look more and more like a rolling ball. My back hurts too. Not because I have scoliosis, and certainly not only because, but because of the changing center of gravity: at least experts say that know more about pregnancy in theory than I have learned in practice so far.

Back pain often includes discomfort in the neck and legs. For this reason, I employ the Love of my life for massage. Let it also actively participate in pregnancy, and do not stop at fresh bread in the morning, going out in the evening for fresh strawberries (which are nowhere to be found) or chocolate with orange filling of this and this brand, cleaning windows, vacuuming and cooking. Do not exaggerate that it is hard for him? And what my weight (literally a few kilos that begins to wear my spine) is not enough?

Little moves are still going on and I'm very happy about that. When our daughter on a given day is too "lazy", I enjoy her with freshly squeezed juices (of course prepared by Husband) and cubes of chocolate (the one bought at night at a gas station, because there was only milk, bitter and blueberry at home, and I just wanted bubble chocolate. Everything for me, I mean for a child :)).

From dad's diary

There must be everything at home: chocolate, berries, frozen strawberries, sour to spicy sauces. When something ends, we buy, and actually I buy what is missing.

Just as I replenish water supplies: it must be mineral sparkling, still, lightly gassed ... Fortunately, no spring;)

Well: I am employed for leg massages ... and perineal massage. I like this second massage more, definitely ...

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