16 weeks of pregnancy

16 weeks of pregnancy

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Belly and breasts are constantly changing. The toddler's nervous system develops, it makes him movements are more coordinated, which you can sometimes feel now, and certainly see on an ultrasound monitor. In addition, the spine and neck straightened, the toddler can now move his head freely and gets a whole new perspective.


The weight of the fetus in the sixteenth week is on average 140 grams (can be equal to 85 to 160 grams), head circumference 12 centimeters, and belly circumference 10 cm. The medium foot measures 2 cm.

The baby's skin is thin and almost transparent. You can see the blood vessels through it. A delicate nap appears that covers the entire body.

The child's ears are in the right place.

At 16 weeks eyebrows and eyelashes develop, you can also see the eye movement (they make small movements to the right and left, they can even capture small amounts of light), although the eyelids are closed and will remain so for another 12 weeks.

The ultrasound monitor can be observed energetic baby movements. They are the most natural. It is thanks to the stronger muscles. At this stage your toddler may not move for a maximum of six minutes. Interestingly, the bladder that is filled with swallowed fetal water is emptied on average every 45 minutes.

In girls, the ovaries move down, traveling from the abdomen to the pelvis. They already contain several million eggs that will allow children when a developing baby is born and turns into a woman.
At 16 weeks pregnant he can already hear sounds and react to light.

The child also becomes sensitive to touch. To the extent that it can even squeak as a result.


Your stomach is clearly bigger (Read: since you can see your pregnant belly). Some may call it full or swollen. You may also have other symptoms - stuffy nose and bleeding gums. These changes are due to two hormones - estrogen and progesterone. They cause mucosal edema. For this reason, nasal drops are not recommended for pregnant women. During the heating season, the moisture in the rooms you are in can bring relief.

16 weeks of pregnancy USG

What is worth remembering?

The child is already very active. Every now and then he turns around, fika flips, sucks his finger, yawns. Some mothers have the impression that they feel the baby's movements, but most doctors are of the opinion that at this stage they can be mistaken for bowel movements. We know ours, but it is officially worth noting that the birthright usually feels the first movements of the fetus around 20 weeks of pregnancy.

From mom's diary

The doctor says it is impossible that at this stage the firstborn does not feel the baby's first movements, that what I feel is rather bowel movements or something like that. However, I know my own. My little fluff is moving and I can feel it. Heap in the stomach when he hears the melody and tickles me like a butterfly.

From week to week time goes by faster. Maybe because now I have more strength and more opportunities to spend days in many different ways. On the other hand, I can also admit to a different state. I know and everyone knows that I'm pregnant, so I can be more tired, have less strength and less self-discipline.

Despite this, states of depression are much less common. It's really nice now. Many people suddenly started to notice me, compliment me, talk in a more friendly way. As if I have become a man fully and as if I now deserve the recognition that I will have a child.

From dad's diary

Even now, people passed on the street are unlikely to doubt that the wife's belly hides our little daughter. Strangely enough my is also growing ...;) Am I experiencing a pregnancy with her? This supposedly affects every second future dad. Interesting.

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