Trail-running ads?

Trail-running ads?

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Marketing specialists like children. They are happy to use the opportunity to cooperate with them. In this way, increasing brand awareness and selling new products. Mostly the little ones from the spots are delightful babies, ideal children of equally flawless parents. Recent years and a few glorious examples show that something is changing in this respect. On television and in the press, we are beginning to observe babies more real, without retouching and additional special effects that improve their beauty. On the other hand, advertising specialists often come up with quite shocking ideas ...

Little model Valentina Guerrero

Valentina Guerrero is a ten-month-old girl diagnosed with Down syndrome who appeared as a model designer Dolores Cortés. She also welcomed the participants of the Miami Swim Fashion Week with a beautiful smile presenting the swimsuit in the arms of the designer herself. A small inhabitant of Miami fulfilled this role perfectly, showing that she can cope with her as well as healthy children.

Dolores Cortés Kids USA went a step further. She decided to donate 10 percent of her income from the sale of the collection advertised by little Valentina to an organization that associates people with Down syndrome and their parents.

Ryan Langston - model history

The little girl from Miami was not the first child with Down syndrome to appear in an advertisement. Ryan Langston, a six-year-old boy from New Jersey who previously appeared in the campaigns of the American companies Nordstrom and Target, brushed the trails. The boy's parents showed enthusiasm mainly because the child was treated simply without hype about hiring a sick boy. The implementers of the advertising campaign treated it like any other model and in no way used their decision to show the world how "good and cool" they are.

Child in advertising - anti-advertising?

Of course, in addition to the very noble ideas we wrote about above, there are also strange engagements, ideas showing children in a surprising light. There is no lack of controversial ads in which the youngest take part. See for yourself.

Campaigns against child abuse

Advertising is not only the promotion of specific goods or services. Advertisements also often have social overtones. Their role is to make parents aware of how great influence not only what we do, but also what we say on the child's development. On the radio you can hear the lullaby singing, chanted in a pleasant female voice that suddenly interrupts the steak insults without changing the melody. The posters show the fear of children abused by their parents. In advertising spots, we are frightened by the sight of a child beating a toy .... Everything is supposed to have an effect, say stop, say what we are often afraid to speak out loud.

Social campaigns to draw attention to the problem of domestic violence are carried out around the world. If even one person thinks about their behavior after watching the advertisement, there is a lot to fight for ...

What do you think about engaging children in advertising? Can it have a bad effect on their development? Would you let your daughter or son perform? Write!