15th week of pregnancy

15th week of pregnancy

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At 15 weeks of pregnancy, the baby is similar in size a large orange. Is that a lot, a little? Rate it yourself! The perspective of the following weeks will definitely help you, during which getting up from a chair and turning from side to side will not be as easy as it is today. You don't need other people's help to move around, and that's a success! It will change soon ...


The toddler now has about 11 cm and weighs 56 to 85 grams. The size reminds you average orange

The child's body takes on the right proportions. The legs get longer and the head is no longer half the length of the body. On her tip Italian appear in the form of a delicate nap with pigment. Sometimes, however, babies are born bald. After delivery, the hair may be black, and after wiping, it will grow bright. There is no rule in this respect.
The baby's skin is transparent. You can see the network of blood vessels under it. The child does not stop exercising. Trains rotation, flipping and waving in the uterus. He also takes a long time to learn to swallow and "breathe".


The bottom of the uterus is located halfway between the pubic bone and navel. Thanks to the uterus being so high, your visits to the toilet are much rarer and you feel better.
Your heart is bigger and beats faster. Pumps 20% more blood than before pregnancy. By the end of pregnancy, the heart will increase by 30-50%.

You can also have exceptionally clear dreams and when you wake up each of them remember perfectly. Equally often you may have a problem with insomnia, which is not uncommon in pregnancy.

What is worth remembering?

Try at this stage of pregnancy sleep on the left side. Lying on your back, you have to be aware of the fact that the weight of the abdomen presses on the blood vessels. In the following weeks, sleeping on your back may even hinder your breathing. Much worse sleeping on your stomach which causes pressure on the uterus and the developing child ... Time for a change of habits!

From mom's diary

My husband says I look divine. Let's not hide it: it's just the truth. I have thicker hairthat shine healthy, beautiful smooth skin. I don't have to worry that my stomach isn't flat, because it's just supposed to be rounded and that's the reason for pride and sighs. Wise pregnancy guides explain that "more blood flows to my reproductive organs." I know one thing: it is fabulous in the bedroom. Sex takes on a completely different meaning ... My libido has long climbed Mont Everest. The man of my life tired and surprised is trying to keep up with me.

Dreams are still beautiful, but I don't have time for everything. I go to bed too late, then I can't sleep, and when I finally squint, I have to get up to work. Bratowa advises me to sleep well during pregnancy, because after giving birth for a few months I can forget about a peaceful sleep for several hours, and for a sleep night I will pray. However, how to listen to such advice when it is difficult to sleep?

I'm going for "maternity clothing" ... and I'm terrified. Prices have reached the level of absurdity and are levitating somewhere in space. Did they all fool around? They went crazy. Should I buy one pants and one blouse and undergo all pregnancy in them? Nine months is a long time, and every woman wants to look beautiful. Me too!

In the end he decides to order something online. It's always cheaper than buying in well-known brand stores. I get clothes that are good enough for the price. Only 25 weeks.

From dad's diary

I would be dishonest if I wrote that I didn't notice. Larger breasts, more sensitive to touch, shapely hips, velvety skin, shiny hair. She has always been beautiful, but now it goes by itself! And ... I do not hide the fact that he wants ... it also matters! :)

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