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BuggyGym - fitness for moms, are you in?

BuggyGym - fitness for moms, are you in?

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We are a BuggyGym team, a group of mothers that have created a form of fitness activity for a parent with a small child.

Initiator of BuggyGym in Poland Czech Šárka Solecka, currently living in Bielsko-Biała, a doctor by profession, privately - mother of three children, always having 1000 ideas in her head, which she does not hesitate to pursue! She infected Polish friends with her passion for physical activity.

Knowing how important for the proper development of each person is caring for the psychophysical condition, satisfying the need for movement and fresh air, they created BuggyGym. They themselves experienced that regular exercise in a group of friendly mothers, helped them to get back into shape faster after pregnancy, take care of their body and ... psyche.

BuggyGym's goal is promoting active parenthood, performing various types of exercises with an aerobic wheelchair, strengthening, shaping and stretching. Participation in the training gives parents the opportunity to spend time actively with the Roo, in a group of other parents, which favors making friends and sharing their experiences. Training allows you to regain a slim figure from before pregnancy, sweat excess weight, feel good again in your body. BuggyGym allows moms to relax and focus only on themselves, while in the stroller sleeps tasty or looks around the world of Roo curiously.

BuggyGym has the incredible advantage that it can be grown virtually anywhere! If only the weather is good for us, we practice outdoors: in parks, on forest alleys, in housing estates - everywhere where mothers with prams usually go for a walk. BuggyGym workouts are very popular in the south of our country - they are successfully held in Bielsko-Biała and Cieszyn, and soon also in Katowice. We would like to see that soon we have small children from all over Poland able to participate in them - that they have the opportunity to spend time with their child in an active way every day!

We plan even more in our project: we establish the BuggyGym association, we want to organize joint trips to the mountains (of course with our little ones - and what! :)), wheelchair competitions and dances with prams!

We are full of energy and creative ideas, and we need you to implement our plans! Help us to infect all of Poland with the idea of ​​active parenting! We need new BuggyGym instructors who, by conducting trainings in their town, will promote physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. We invite you to the BuggyGY TRAINING FOR INSTRUCTORS, which will take place on 23-24.05.2015. in Bielsko-Biała!

Detailed information on trainings and instructor training can be found at www.buggygym.pl, welcome!