A child's smile is the greatest treasure

A child's smile is the greatest treasure

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Ateliora.com and Sosrodzice.pl invite photographers, photographers and those who want to try their hand with the camera to participate in the competition "Children's smile is the greatest treasure".
Each author may submit up to three works in line with the theme. The works will be judged by a jury chaired by Magdalena Berna - a well-known children's photographer.
The best photographs selected by the jury will be awarded with Seagate 500 GB Backup Plus disks. Winning photos will also be presented to the general public as "photography of the day" and will be permanently entered in the book of winnings at Ateliora.com.
Internet users also award prizes. Authors of works with the highest attractiveness factor can count on books (funded by the Helion publishing house): "Mamarazzi - Photographing children", "Guide for mothers".

Photographs can be sent from July 20 to August 5, 2012 via the website //www.ateliora.com/pl/konkurs/usmiech-dziecka. Sosrodzice.pl is a media partner of the competition.

Added Aug 15, 2012 - Internet voting has begun on the site. Welcome here.