Contest results

Contest results: top commentator and "baby's first bath"

Contest results: top commentator and "baby's first bath"

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Dear parents, we would like to announce the results of two competitions. However, before we do it, we thank you very much for active participation in our games. At the same time, we emphasize that we are not finishing the competition for the Top Commentator, we are announcing the second round of fun in a few days! Be cautious!

In the competition for Top Commentator we would like to distinguish two people:

  • anusia 123456, which left the most substantive comments on the site (104) and turned out to be the most active commentator
  • Myszak - for actively participating in discussions on the site, sharing emotions, experiences in a cultural and tolerant way. The prize is due for maintaining the discussion, answering the questions of other Readers, as well as speaking in a friendly way. :)

In the competition, in which the competition task was to describe the baby's first bath, we decided to highlight four statements that were highlighted on the page.

Emolium emulsion is won by:

  • Mama Gabusia
  • MariAnah
  • Eve
  • Avikusia

Thank you all for participating in the competitions! Congratulations to the winners! Wait for an email from the editor.