28 weeks of pregnancy

28 weeks of pregnancy

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Can't wait to finally become a mom? It may be hard to imagine, but in a few weeks you will want a moment just for yourself. Use your pregnancy time for catching up on reading, go to the cinema or theater with a loved one - if you are active, time will pass faster and you won't even look back when you are born!


The average weight of a child at 28 weeks of pregnancy is 1140 grams, height 38 centimeters, head circumference 26 cm and waist circumference 23 cm. The foot measured at this stage is about 5 cm.

The head, which a few weeks ago was disproportionately large in relation to the rest of the body, is now taking on the appropriate, final (visible after delivery) proportions. The toddler's activity also changes. He can lie still for twenty minutes, then "wake up" and the next twenty minutes to actively move. It's a certain average. The cycle of activity and rest is an individual feature for each individual.

Already at this stage slowly final fat tissue begins to accumulate, which gives a plump look to the baby, as seen at birth. In addition, they are already visible on the face clearly eyebrows, eyelashes and facial features. The nap that covers the baby's body begins to disappear slowly (although some babies are born with its delicate outline on the body).
Every day, a brain develops that grows and becomes more and more folded. In the lungs, on the other hand, blood vessels are formed, and the bronchial tubules branch out on a regular basis. It is also created a surfactant that lets you breathe in air for the first time after delivery.

The toddler does not only practice at this stage suctionbut it happens to him cough, he has hiccups and practices eye blinking. The child also has dreams due to REM, which is the active phase of sleep that appeared recently.


Gently pressing on the stomach, you can feel the top of the bottom of the womb midway between the navel and the end of the sternum (about 3 cm above the navel). It has a simple consequence - it's getting harder and harder to breathe. Shortness of breath and shortness of breath are typical.

You're most likely watching at home too itchy stomach yours the navel may already protrude. Occasionally Braxon-Hicks contractions may appear when the uterus hardening and then returns to its normal state.

The constantly growing belly receives grace. You move with increasing difficulty. Even tying shoe laces can now become a problem. Also, don't be surprised if the footwear you have worn so far is too tight for you. In pregnancy, the footwear number can change by growing by half a number or even one number (read more about it). In addition, ankle and foot swelling are often a problem.

What is worth remembering?

If you feel itching, burning in the vagina area and you have a white, not very pleasant smell of vaginal discharge, most likely it means that you are suffering from vaginal inflammation. Although such situations of pregnancy are common, they are not worth ignoring. Tell your doctor about all alarming symptoms. Inflammation is usually treated with creams or suppositories.

if you are tired of pregnancy, Your well-being is deteriorating, do not be afraid to share your feelings with a loved one. You don't have to be constantly happy during these amazing nine months. Moments of worse mood are very normal.

From mom's diary

The belly is really pregnant already, a spine pain with more or less intensity accompanies me throughout the day. In addition, I feel discomfort in my feet. They swell and seem to rebel against the challenge they face.

Now I hear the questions almost every day: "And when is the date," "And what is the sex," "And where is the delivery." Everyone wants to know this type of detail, ask neighbors, distant friends, or a family that has sclerosis. This curiosity is complemented by the increasing difficulty of movement I struggle with. It's not very feminine, but I have to admit that groaning accompanies me at every turn. I moan when I want to change position, when I have to get up or put on my shoes. Fortunately, Hubby has been helping me in the last few days, who, whenever he can, reduces my discomfort.

And another confession, which in total I would not like to share, but it's difficult: he's snoring. Earlier, the husband was responsible for this variety in bed life, now I am supporting him and, what is worse, I often win in this game without too much trouble.

Fortunately, heartburn has already passed, so all that is left are colorful dreams, back pain, discomfort caused by the enlargement of the uterus, memory problems, swelling of the feet, indigestion, constipation.

From dad's diary

Not only I snore ... and you know what? It's cute. Although I recorded it several times, let it be my secret (thinks I deleted it, which is true, but I recorded it again). A really charming sound is when your woman changes like that. Ideals are boring :) And I have my interesting souvenir, even if you do not understand it completely ...

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