26 weeks of pregnancy

26 weeks of pregnancy

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The child in the twenty-sixth week of pregnancy already has about 23 cm and weighs about 900 grams. As your baby grows, your stomach and back discomfort grow. Remember about exercises and taking care of a comfortable position during sleep, rest and daily activities.


Every day a child it becomes chubby. The adipose tissue accumulated under the skin is an expression of adapting the toddler to life outside his mother's belly. It allows you to maintain a constant body temperature.

An important event this week is opening of the nostrils. Thanks to this, the child can practice "breathing" in his mother's belly. Breathing, of course, not the air, but the amniotic fluid in my mother's stomach, accelerates lung development. It is also growing every day amount of surfactant, and with it increases the chance of the child surviving outside the mother's body.

These are not all the revolutions that are starting this week. Usually at 26 weeks of pregnancy toddler opens his eyes. This is a huge event for a child. The toddler used to the dark for a long time (also fresh after delivery) avoids bright light. Already in the stomach he covers his eyes and turns his head when bright light appears. For many weeks, the eyelids were closed so that the retina responsible for visual acuity could mature.


It can come out of your breasts colostrum, or yellow discharge, being the first baby milk after delivery.
Every day, your uterus increases, which exerts increasing pressure on your veins and spine. This leads to the one hand stomach ache, and on the other hand increases the risk of developing hemorrhoids (i.e. enlarged veins in the anal area). To avoid discomfort, drink plenty of fluids, especially mineral water, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and don't forget about high fiber products that facilitate bowel movements.

What is worth remembering in week 26?

Not every case a gynecologist recommends counting fetal movements, although there are cases that these recommendations are addressed to every pregnant woman. A lot depends on the personal way of conducting the pregnancy, characteristic for a given specialist.

Either way, every mother should pay special attention to the baby's movements (read more about it). Generally, the rule is that when a toddler begins to move, within one hour ten movements should be counted - kicks, flipping, moving, dragging. It depends on the activity and temperament of the toddler whether we can count up to 10 in 3 minutes or 15, or maybe waiting for 10 moves will take us even more time.

If you don't get 10 moves per hour, it's worth eating something sweet, drink fruit juice and wait. If the next hour does not bring improvement, it is better to consult a doctor for your own peace.

From mom's diary

I should rest and exercise a lot. However, somehow I fail. I still go to work, I lack time for everything, when I come back home I spend time lying on the sofa. The only exercises that come into play are walking. Only these give me pleasure. There was an idea for swimming. We went with Hubby. A visit to the pool had a good effect on my more and more aching spine, but it is not my honorable one. The doctor had to write something for the infection in "this place".

I tried to start out of curiosity high heels. Failed to. They turned out to be too tight. I used to have to change it to a larger number, so that the foot would fit comfortably in them, and not be trapped and swollen to power.

Calf cramps returned in the middle of the night. According to the doctor, the cause may be blood retention, or magnesium and calcium deficiency. In my case, magnesium worked out, which dramatically reduced the frequency of waking up at night.

We are looking for School of childbirth. We decided that we would go to classes that take place at the hospital in which we are going to give birth. By the way, we will have the opportunity to visit the delivery rooms and see for yourself whether in the 21st century it is born differently than it was a hundred years ago.

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