Developmental jumps and milestones - 3 and 4 years old

Developmental jumps and milestones - 3 and 4 years old

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The child is developing very dynamically. Acquires new skills in small and large motor skills. Together with mastering new abilities, it can be more demanding for the environment - strenuous, easy to get angry or sad. This is usually natural and indicates that the toddler is developing properly. Soon it will surprise the parent with another skill.

The good news is that the most difficult two-year period for parents has passed. Now you can enjoy communing with a three-year-old child - a small preschooler. It's a magical time, when you can finally see the effects of previous efforts. The toddler is clearly "easier to work with", begins to listen to his parents and is more predictable.

The child usually reaches the following stages of development before he is 5 years old.

All children grow and develop at their own pace, so the list below is indicative. There is no need to worry that your toddler has not reached all of these stages. In case of doubt, it is worth consulting a doctor and dispelling all doubts.

Three-year and four-year speech

A child who is under 5 years of age should be able to:

  • say your name and surname
  • tell how old he is
  • speak from 250 to 500 words,
  • speak full sentences
  • tell stories,
  • ask style questions - why the sky is blue, why people have legs, etc.
  • answer the questions,
  • be understood by other children and adults,
  • distinguish colors,
  • understand what is similar and what is different,
  • execute three-part commands,
  • count and understand the idea of ​​counting,
  • remember the stories heard
  • solve age-appropriate puzzles,
  • understand time (morning, tomorrow, afternoon),
  • understand the terms of space (left, top, before, after ...)

3-4 years old, fine motor skills

  • walking up the stairs (foot by foot, not extra)
  • He's climbing,
  • throws and kicks the ball,
  • rides a bicycle,
  • stands on one leg for at least 5 seconds,
  • walks in every direction,
  • he does squats without falling down.

3-4 years of age new skills: fine motor skills:

  • easier handling of small items,
  • character drawing
  • drawing a circle,
  • writing the first letters
  • building a tower of four or more blocks,
  • unscrewing the screw / jar,
  • putting on and taking off the dress.

3-4 years - milestones and social

The child is becoming more physically and emotionally independent. That is why left less often in kindergarten or with a babysitter. He is already able to control his rage.


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