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Child segregation in kindergarten, i.e. who lacked empathy ...

Child segregation in kindergarten, i.e. who lacked empathy ...

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The kindergarten is to teach children how to make contacts, communicate efficiently and cooperate. Unfortunately, apart from the noble lessons of life, children often get bitter displays of real ignorance, lack of feeling and empathy in institutions ...

In the photo below you can see a group of children eating a cake at the main table and four "separated" watching the other kids eat cake.

This photo was shared on social media with an eloquent commentary: Pedagogical approach to allergic children (unable to eat cream cakes) while celebrating the birth of one of our children in our son's kindergarten. I congratulate the ladies on their knowledge and experience. "

Could it have been otherwise?

For example, give children with allergies colorful fruit salads, jellies or other products? Did you really have to solve it this way?