Pickled cucumbers recipe - make preserves together with children

Pickled cucumbers recipe - make preserves together with children

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There are plenty of reasons why pickled cucumbers can be made at home. The basic one is that it is very difficult to buy in a store real pickled cucumbers, predominantly pickled products, i.e. flooded with sugar and vinegar, which do not undergo fermentation typical of pickled cucumbers, do not form beneficial bacteria and lactic acid - the simplest home remedy for improving immunity. It is widely known that immunity comes from the intestines. That is why silage (and not pickle) is so indicated in the daily diet.

There is also a second reason - pickling cucumbers at home can be a great way to spend time with your child. Toddlers can wash cucumbers, help us put them in a jar, thanks to which they will feel needed, and that the cucumber mortar season we fully share our a reliable way to pickled cucumbers at home.

pickled cucumbers for the winter

Ingredients for pickled cucumbers for the winter

cucumbers (preferably smaller, medium saturated, hard and "full" inside)





boiling water

you can add - oak, raspberry, cherry or blackcurrant leaves

recipe pickled cucumbers

Making pickled cucumbers recipe

Wash the jars thoroughly and brew together with the caps in the oven or in a pot of water. It is important that the caps fit well into the jar, are not distorted, rusted and catch nicely.

Wash and put cucumbers tightly in a jar, add dill and garlic and possibly leaves. Pour hot water (for one liter of water one tablespoon of salt) and turn off. Within a few days fermentation will start in the jar, foam may form, some water may spill out of the jar. After this time, the jars are "fully closed by sucking" and you can easily store them all winter in a cool and shady place.

After three days, we will receive recipes for low-salt cucumbers, when we hold them longer, we can eat delicious pickled cucumbers. Bon Appetit!