6 weeks of pregnancy

6 weeks of pregnancy

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This is the sixth week of pregnancy!

Perhaps right now you will learn that you are expecting a child. The feeling of satisfaction can be mixed with horror. It's normal. Hug tightly to a partner or loved one! Everything will be fine!

A few months await you, which will have an incredibly touching final. Your life will change forever!

Baby: sixth week of pregnancy

The pregnancy bubble is about 2 cm in diameter. However, the embryo measures at this stage from 4 to 6 mm. The cylindrical shape can already clearly distinguish the head and buttocks.

It's real miracle of life!

Already in the sixth week of pregnancy, the embryo has a basic education heart structure. During ultrasound examination you can hear heartbeat. Additionally, the image can be clearly highlighted already outlines of limbsthat look like small donuts.

6 weeks of pregnancy is a fascinating time for the development of the baby. In addition to the brain and spinal cord, the mandible begins to shape. Eyes develop on the side walls of the head, which look like discs with a more intense color. During pregnancy, the eyes move to the front of the head.

They also form in the sixth week of pregnancy eyelids, ears and lungs. Already at this stage, the umbilical cord is formed that connects the embryo to the placenta and fetal membranes.

Woman: sixth week of pregnancy

Mother came there is no menstruation (slight bleeding may occur). It is also typical fatigue. Breast soreness can be really bothersome, especially at night, when sleep often interrupts discomfort and internal anxiety.

If you want to improve your comfort, remember to choose at this stage good brawho will not oppress and cause pain.

Morning sickness may appear now or in a few weeks. Some women are accompanied by vomiting from the very beginning (not necessarily morning, but appearing in the least expected moments throughout the day). There are also women who do not vomit during pregnancy, but only feel mild nausea.

What is worth remembering?

The onset of pregnancy can be difficult. Around the sixth week of pregnancy, most pregnancy symptoms appear (of course, every woman is different and every pregnancy too, so you may experience some symptoms sooner, others later). This does not mean that you have to observe them all at home.

At this stage, there may be changes in the breast that are particularly pronounced in women who have not given birth, to a lesser extent in those who have children. You may feel that your bust is fuller, heavy, skin tight, darkened nipple area.

In addition, you should be aware of frequent urination and increased sensitivity to odors.

Mood swings, deterioration of well-being - this can upset many a woman. Not so rarely next to the feeling of tiredness there is depression, often with intensity similar to depression.

Remember that they feel a lot about your well-being hormones and it doesn't matter how long and how long you expected pregnancy and being a mother. The best in such moments seems to be a conversation - with my husband, friend, with a kind person and the awareness that it will really be better!

From mom's diary

Now I know for sure I'm pregnant! It's already 6 weeks pregnant! I am troubled by one persistent thought of whether it happened just when I thought ... I do not have dilemmas like: in the cinema, in Lublin, on the train, or maybe on the beach, because we spent the last weeks at home, but it still appears feeling strange.

At the beginning of the week I do two tests. The first after a few seconds comes out positive. I sit on the floor in the room and can't believe my eyes. In the afternoon I force my husband to take a walk. We're going for the second test. A qualified and learned husband in the subject does not understand my rush, since I will not do the test today because I have to do the test in the morning, why this rush? After returning home, I run to the toilet. I close myself and ... after a few long minutes I hand over the confusion test with an uncertain expression. :)

The Kamikaze queue begins and immortalizing this fact on a camera set on a tripod. My husband is happy, I don't know what to think. I wanted to be a mother, I wanted it and waited a lot ... but I'm afraid. I lie on the carpet and think. Though as if someone had asked what I would say, I was empty. Despite this, I already know that my life will change beyond recognition ... Such a multitude of thoughts combined with a feeling of stupidity, which I do not yet know, will accompany me for the next few weeks.

From dad's diary

Her behavior is strange. You can see that he is up to something. When finally I get what I mean, I feel joy and ... fear. I can't gather my thoughts. I look dumbfounded at the test and hear him say "it's sixth week of pregnancy", and then ... I need to drink.

I will be a father. And faster than I think! Already in 34 weeks!

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