About men who don't change diapers

About men who don't change diapers

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I could start this way: behind seven mountains, behind seven forests, and maybe it would be fun, because I would enter the fairy tale convention. Oh, another interesting story with a moral. The problem is that there is no story there, but everyday life in many homes in Poland and around the world.

At the beginning it may be exemplary, like in a fairy tale. A newborn baby is a puzzle, something to work out. Some daredevils enter into the task of themselves, they are engaged, proud of each small achievement of a new family member, they brag about their beloved child, some even stay. And praise them for it. Others, unfortunately, "burdened with a plethora of duties" suddenly .... become model daddies just for show - for a nice picture, but not for a stinking ... poop. Oh no, from this dirty work is mother. She becomes a realm of the gray reality, while he becomes short of fools and tickles - sheer sweetness. Rest? We know she'll do it better.

You will find that I am exaggerating what the subject is - another mother who writes ... about baby poop. Maybe you're right. Maybe a topic insignificant and unworthy of raising it. However, it seems to those who buy these proverbial everyday do not rub off the buttocks of a small child. A person who does it every day, day after day, can simply be fed up. It is natural to rebel and look towards the couch where the husband is sitting - why not you? Maybe?

I have to be ready for my second complaint - men change diapers, and what I mention is a margin. Could it be? What about those who check what's inside before they eagerly put the baby on the changing table? They exist, right? And this kind of narrow margin is significantly expanding ...

I understand that gentlemen may have such a theory - I love a child and there are many ways to show it, it does not have to be the moment when I plug my nose. I agree. However, I have the strange feeling that when you "take a child" you take them with everything, right? And with smiles and slender fingers, colic and kisses, with the first steps and a pile of swaddling out of the diaper, because sometimes it also happens.

I think so ... but maybe you have a different theory for that?

Such Myke Tyson father of eight children did not hide with the sincere confession that he does not change diapers. His wife chattered in the media, what a dear dad is ... he does everything, but diapers do not touch. Is that all or not all? Please decide ... Good daddy or not?

A poor example?

It turns out that "ordinary men" follow "stars". According to research by Pampers, 10% of men do not even come close to diapers. These are data from overseas and refer to those who officially admit that their diapers do not change. And what about those who "did not notice", "did not feel" and argued that "this is a fresh poop" that the boy made just when he heard the sound of a twisted key in the door when his mother returned? I'm afraid that such crafty from the category - I would like to change the diaper, but never daddy's daughter or son ... there is a lot.

Therefore, gentlemen, please ... Show commitment and do not be afraid of diaper content, divide all tasks in two, it works like a great foreplay. Show that you are next door and both your toddler and your partner can count on you ... Remember that a real dad changes diapers. Dot.

P.S. Men changing diapers with almost one hand and with their eyes closed are quite a few ... :) I know, because that's what my husband did in the case of two daughters. That's why I'm far from saying that all men have a problem with it. This is not true ... on the other hand, there are enough of them, unfortunately also in my immediate surroundings, that's why this light entry was made - just from observation :). Thank you for your attention.


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