31 weeks of pregnancy

31 weeks of pregnancy

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You may feel often in the third trimester pain caused by compression of the uterus on all internal organs - the chest, stomach, pelvis. It is also something natural heartburn and leg cramps and numbness of the fingers. Despite these inconveniences, it is worth remembering that they will pass soon and you will feel better.


The baby has less and less space in the stomach. Does not waste time. Every day something is learned and perfects the skills already acquired. He can already look at the world around him, examining everything not only with the help of your hand, but also your sense of sight.
Toddler spends a lot of time on swallowing fetal waters and in thesen the way to know their taste, but also learning to breathe and at the same time use the digestive system. The child weighs approx. 1600 grams (fat constitutes 3.5% of weight by weightiała) and measures about 29 cm!

By the time of delivery, the baby should gain 1.5 to 2.3 kilograms.

The fetus can already make good use of a fairly functioning brain: follow the light, process information, receive stimuli with all five senses.


Do you like going to the swimming pool? If the doctor does not mind, you can go to the swimming pool and bring in this way relief of the spine. However, you must be aware that using the pool carries a greater risk of infection of intimate places, which in the event of occurrence should be told to the doctor.

It's high time to think about choosing a clinicthat you and your child will go to. For convenience, choose a facility close to where you live. Ask your neighbors and friends where to save your baby. Most often, a midwife will come to you from the same clinic where you register your baby and check how you feel after delivery. It is worth remembering that you can stipulate that it would be different, choosing another nurse and submitting relevant documents to selected facilities.

Do you feed your child's brain well? remember about Omega-3 acidswhich are very important in this respect. Good fats ensure proper development of the baby.

What is worth remembering?

Once more closely take a look at your menu. You must be aware that your toddler gets all the nutrients important for his development: especially calcium for bones, but also iron that he stores and which he will need for about 6-9 months after birth. Also remember that your menu should not be missing calcium and vitamin C.

From mom's diary

It's hard to breath for me. My everyday conversations with Little are very difficult. Just a moment of speaking in combination with moving from place to place and I am sunk in an unpleasant feeling of lung squeezing. Not to mention the attempts to talk on the phone while climbing stairs. I am capitulating at the very beginning. I know I can't make it.

My husband and I are watching cots (read more about choosing a baby bed) and prams. The lady in the store looks at us strangely when we say that we have no idea what stroller we are looking for or what cot we want. In one store, they emphasize how important the look is, in another they indicate functionality, and in the third, we are tempted by a low price. Our knowledge about certificates, sizes and production methods of wheeled bogies and types of handles is also tested. The longer we watch, the bigger the confusion we have in our heads, even though theoretically we know more. Not wanting to decide hot, we decide to sleep with the topic and return to shopping later.

Once again, I'm going shopping for clothes. I do these the nicest, though pregnant belly. I will not promise that this is the last time, because I probably will not keep my word ... Finally I am allowed!

From dad's diary

I didn't realize how many decisions had to be made before the baby was born. Now, however, I know that there is a lot to choose from and there is something to learn, ask, test, bend down, study approvals, etc.

You can also get very tired! Although satisfaction is also coming!

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