Homemade cherry juice. Two recipes

Homemade cherry juice. Two recipes

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Homemade cherry juice in the middle of winter it will be a great drink for the whole family - refreshing, yet energizing and reminiscent of summer humor. It is worth preparing it right now, when cherries are available at every market stall at a good price. We've prepared cherry juice for the winter in two ways:

  • cherry juice by the traditional method - cherries peppered, covered with sugar, the result was a delicious jam - a less efficient way in terms of the amount of juice formed.
  • cherry juice from the juicer - it allows you to get more juice, you don't need to stone cherries, but we don't have jam - something for something.

Why is it worth preparing cherry juice at home?

  • contains at least 50% fruit, not like store juice ... about 2-4%,
  • is tastier and healthier,
  • is quick to prepare,
  • actually always succeeds,
  • it can be added to desserts, yoghurts (we will get a much better cherry yogurt than in the store), you can drink it after adding water.

Cherry juice recipe - traditional way (without a juicer)

  • 1 kg of seedless cherries,
  • 1 kg of sugar
  • juice squeezed from one lemon

Put washed and stoned cherries into a larger pot, add sugar and lemon juice, mix and leave for a few hours in the fridge (wait until the cherries let go).

homemade cherry juice

After a few hours (it can be after the night) we put the pot with cherries on gas and heat it, waiting about 20 minutes, we take care that the juice does not boil over. In the meantime, thoroughly wash jars or bottles with caps and brew them, e.g. in the oven. Pour the hot juice into clean jars, clean the thread if necessary and screw it tightly.

It is enough for cherry juice to survive the whole winter. Several dozen minutes after preparing the juice, the nuts should suck in (characteristic shooting can be heard). However, if not all the nuts have sucked in or we want to subject the juice to pasteurization, we put a pot with a kitchen towel, put bottles or jars, pouring them more than 3/4 in height, put a towel between the jars so that the glass does not break. We pasteurize about 15-20 minutes from boiling water (during this time the caps will become prominent, when they cool down they should be concave again - without the possibility of pumping).

cherry juice

From the remaining cherries, we can prepare a sweet jam, just fry the jam for a few minutes, until it thickens and apply to the boiled jars, screwing the lid tightly and putting the jars on the cap. When they cool down, take them with the juice to a dark, cool place, for example a cellar.

Cherry juice recipe from a juicer

Cherry juice can be prepared from a juicer.

This method will be less troublesome and faster - almost everything will be done "by itself". We don't have to pite cherries - all you have to do is wash them and put them in a dish, add sugar, then wait for the cherries to let go. Place a bottle under a special funnel and screw it tightly, being careful not to burn yourself (the juice is hot) and that the thread is clean (it is very important that the preparations come out).

  • 1 kg cherry
  • 05, kg of sugar

We won't prepare anything from the rest of the cherry - they will be dried like raisins.

Bon Appetit!