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Fun in puddles - and why not?

Fun in puddles - and why not?

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"Do not do it because you will get dirty. Don't jump, because you'll splash your pants. Don't be crazy ... Take care because you will catch a cold "

Parents have plenty of reasons to prohibit children from spontaneous play. However, it is no accident that the little ones will do a lot to break some bans. On the list of one of the most important desires is fun in puddles.

Instead of saying a dangerous "no", it is better to just dress your child properly, preparing well for the prevailing weather conditions. A raincoat, wellies and sometimes the right pants are enough. There is no bad weather for great fun, there is only the wrong outfit. And let's stick to it!

Summer it doesn't always spoil us with high temperatures, sometimes it's cold and wet. This does not mean, however, that you have to sit at home with your nose stuck to the glass. A child over the age of one should be able to play outside in any weather. This is very important for built resistance and mechanisms of coping with adverse external factors.

Of course, before we go for a walk let's prepare well, dress properly, and in the event of a rapidly changing aura, do not go too far so that we can, if necessary, quickly return home.

Why should you let your child play in a puddle?

  • and why not? :)
  • children like it, it's not dangerous fun, so according to the principle, if you really don't have to forbid it, say yes,
  • because every toddler should try how high he can jump and how much splash water
  • to show your child that you can have fun on a cloudy day too,
  • because that's what galoshes are for :)
  • because outdoor activity is healthy,
  • because cars drive differently in a puddle than on a dry surface,
  • because the puddles are big lakes, perfect for launching boats and ships,
  • because you can show ducks from the bathtub as it is on real lakes :)
  • because childhood is from exploring your own possibilities and the surrounding world.

How to make the fun in the puddle successful?

  • choose puddles not very deep,
  • without unexpected hidden holes,
  • before we start jumping, and we don't know the place, let's peacefully traverse the entire puddle, checking if it is fairly even,
  • let's put on wellies
  • after playing, let's thoroughly wash our hands, drink warm tea, milk and change socks.

Have fun :)