40 weeks of pregnancy

40 weeks of pregnancy

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Congratulations! You've reached a point officially considered the end of pregnancy!

Only 5% of children come on time. Although, according to calculations, your pregnancy is already over, you may have to wait two more weeks for the delivery (read pregnancy after the deadline). They will probably be the longest weeks in your life so far. However, take it easy - waiting will pay off. We keep our fingers crossed for a quick and easy time!


The child is already fully reported.

The average weight of a toddler at week 40 is 3300 grams, waist circumference is 34 cm and the foot length is 8 cm.

However, an infant can weigh between 2710 and 4080 grams and be 48 to 57 cm long. Of course, at this stage, smaller and larger children are born who are completely healthy.

On the child's head there are hair about 2-4 cm long. Due to the size of the toddler, who may be getting tight in the womb, the baby's movements may no longer be so palpable. They can become less vigorous and slower. On the other hand, they should be equally frequent.

The rhythm of the child's sleep and wakefulness extends to about 60 minutes of alternating rest and movement.


Although at 40 weeks of pregnancy passes for most women 266 days from conception / 280 days from the date of the last menstrual period there are few children who are born exactly on time. Babies reach final maturity at a slightly different pace, hence the expected date of delivery may differ from the actual date. guey the toddler sends a signal when he is ready to be born.
A delivery on time is considered to be after the 37th week of pregnancy and before the 42th week.

About 3 weeks before delivery, the uterus prepares for contractions. It is a time when the neck becomes more soft and thinner. Thanks to this, it can be opened and childbirth becomes possible. When the uterus is fully ready for delivery, regular labor contractions begin.

The child decides about the date of delivery. It sends a signal to your body saying that it is "already"!

What is worth remembering?

Soon maybe today, maybe in a few days you will give birth to a child. It will be for sure amazing experience. Maybe as you imagined or just the opposite. Be prepared for the many things that may surprise you (read more)

When the action starts, nothing will stop giving birth. It is an element that will direct your body, thoughts and even language, freeing it, freeing your throat and the emotions inside you. Read: scream during childbirth.

Do not worry if delivery does not occur on the day of the date. Sometimes you have to wait for this special day. It's difficult, but be patient, listen to yourself and let yourself be carried away when the time is right. Your body will know what to do. In addition, about half of all pregnancies last longer than 40 weeks ...

Take advantage of the waiting time to rest, read over and gather information on what awaits you. Think well about epidural anesthesia.

Shortly after delivery you may notice that the baby is takes an embryonic position and sleeps on bacon. Don't worry, it's quite natural and is a signal of the power of habit. The toddler does not yet know that he now has more freedom of movement, and when he finds out about it he is often terrified, which is why it is often so tight wrapping the toddlers in a blanket.

From mom's diary

Everything took place punctually, which means that I belong to 5% of mothers who give birth on the date set by the doctor. Let me not write about how it hurts, but about the fact that when Toddler lands on his chest, it is great that he wants to cry and laugh at the same time.

In addition to pride, joy, relief and gratitude, fatigue, incompetence and total paralysis are typical, and it's really hard to deal with it yourself. It's good to have a close, supportive person who will help you find your new role ...

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