Abrasions and injuries in children

Abrasions and injuries in children

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When the child is in motion, he actively spends time with his parents or peers, there is no way to prevent falls and bruises. Wounds and abrasions in some homes are common. Especially in the summer and especially in children who are extremely curious about the world. That is why it is worth to prepare for them in terms of organization and supplement your home medicine cabinet in advance. Here are some product suggestions that may be useful for wound decontamination:

Octenisept 50ml, price around 25 PLN

Octenisept has been a hit in the decontamination category for several years. Its great advantage is the fact that it can be used on wounds, mucosa and skin.

Octenisept contains: octenidine dihydrochloride and phenoxyethyl alcohol and
excipients: dimethylammonium acetate, amidopropylcocoic acid, sodium gluconate, sodium hydroxide, glycerol and purified water.

The preparation works bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal.

The preparation is convenient to use because it is equipped with an atomizer. Its advantages are also quick and long (up to an hour) action. In addition, the preparation does not leave stains on clothes and is well tolerated by the skin and mucous membranes.
The only drawback is probably the high price.

Peroxygel 3.0 - gel 15g, price approx. 6 PLN

The preparation contains hydrogen peroxide, which is nothing more than hydrogen peroxide in gel.
Used to disinfect wounds, abrasions and scratches of the epidermis.
Thanks to the gel form, it is very convenient to use - it does not spill or flow from the place of use.

It does not flow down from vertical surfaces, that is, immediately after application, the Baby can continue running.

Tribactic One - wipes soaked in disinfectant, price around PLN 0.80 per item

Extremely convenient to use antibacterial wipes. Individually packed, they take up little space, so you can always have them on hand. They contain isopropyl alcohol. They can be useful for disinfecting and cleansing the skin with minor abrasions and scratches, but also for disinfecting hands and various objects.

Fenistil for Wounds - gel 10 g, price around PLN 10

Fenistil for wounds supports the wound healing process by protecting them and creating an environment with adequate humidity.
Its composition includes: acid colloidal hydrocolloid, arginine, purified water, branched fatty acid, methyl-p-hydroxybenzoate, propyl-p-hydroxybenzoate.

Hydrocolloid helps to create an optimal moisture level for the healing process. Thanks to this, it accelerates the reconstruction of cells and reduces the risk of scarring. In addition, thanks to the cooling properties, Fenistil for Wounds helps to feel relief and quickly removes pain.
Fenistil for Wounds is intended for use on superficial burns and small wounds (e.g. abrasions, cuts).

Altacet Junior - gel 50 g, price around PLN 14

Altacet Junior is a gel for bruises, bruises and swelling.
Contains: menthol 0.3%, polyacrylic gel, auxiliary agents.
Altacet Junior, thanks to menthol, quickly relieves pain after bruising, reduces swelling and speeds up the absorption of bruises. It can also be used soothing after insect bites.
The preparation is not indicated for use in children under 3 years of age !!!
It should not be used for more than 4 days on the same place.

Now it's your turn! What preparations do you recommend? What do you use when you need a quick rescue? :)


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