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Aniball - a way to give birth easier without cutting?

Aniball - a way to give birth easier without cutting?

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An episiotomy is the most common medical procedure during labor. Unofficially, doctors say that firstborn babies actually have no chance of giving birth without the use of scissors, their bodies in the opinion of many specialists are simply unpreparedand the incision is to protect sensitive areas from cracking. Unfortunately, the latest research results and guidelines of world institutions contradict this claim.

The World Health Organization notes that routine crotch incision is unreasonable, it does not prevent urinary incontinence, does not reduce pain problems after delivery. An analysis was published in 2009, according to which limiting the routine episiotomy reduces the risk of trauma by 33% and the risk of complications during healing of the perineum by 33% (Carroli G. & Mignini L. 2009). Midwives emphasize that his is important in the process of protecting the perineum proper preparation for delivery. Helpful may be:

  • perineal massage
  • performing flexibility and stretching exercises using medical devices available on the market.

In this post I wanted to look at the second method. There are medical products on the market that are used to prepare a woman's body for childbirth, tame the antenatal anxiety, check the response of the body and learn about your own preferences regarding taking positions during childbirth.

One of such products is Aniball - developed at our Czech neighbors, which:

  • allows you to train your crotch,
  • make the muscles more flexible so as to protect them from cutting,
  • enables better understanding of your own body and its capabilities,
  • supports regeneration after delivery,
  • improves the condition of the uterine floor muscles,
  • helps to get used to the feeling of being filled and passing through the vagina (training with pushing a newborn baby),
  • gives psychological comfort
  • strengthens self-confidence - so necessary during natural delivery,
  • shortens the second stage of labor,
  • reduces the need for painkillers during labor.

Why prepare for natural delivery?

You can assume that our bodies are perfect and prepared for natural delivery. This is true, but not entirely. Our way of life has changed in recent years, there is a lot of talk about the reduced efficiency of the general public and about the fact that women endure natural pregnancies for them much worse. That is why so many specialists urge to actively prepare for childbirth. Similarly to women who live in countries where access to medical services is limited, they give birth on their own, without external support.

Aniball is a modern product of unique structure prepared for work with a delicate area of ​​the female body. His main advantage is the fact that he supports instrengthening the bottom muscles of the uterus, stimulates the vaginal muscles, exercises tension and relaxation. That's the woman learns to push the newborn, significantly reduces the risk of prolonging the time of the second delivery phase and protects the perineum against very frequent incision.


Aniball can be used also after delivery, for strengthening pelvic muscles, which helps reduce the risk of urinary incontinence and other unpleasant consequences.

Aniball - why this product?

We received Aniball straight from the manufacturer, thanks to that we had the opportunity to get acquainted with product construction and its functioning.

Aniball pump

As medical component the balloon was prepared from great care attention to detail that determines security. The balloon is made of medical silicone just before use it is recommended sterilization in a water bath (you can also use a special cup attached by the manufacturer). After each use, the balloon should be washed under warm running water and dried.

The way Aniball works and uses is very intuitive. The product has detailed instructions, which explains how to use the device.

The most important information is to reach for the balloon at the earliest 3 weeks before the planned delivery. It is good to consult a doctor if he sees no contraindications to actively prepare for delivery in this way. The device is not indicated in the case of high risk pregnancies, the risk of premature delivery or vaginal infections.

If you care about conscious, natural delivery ...

Aniball is interesting, valuable product prepared for women who want to give birth naturally and want to prepare well for it. Can be used by first born, as well as women who want to give birth naturally by caesarean section after the first delivery.

As a medical device, Aniball meets appropriate security standards. The idea of ​​balloon exercises is recommended by many doctors around the world. In our opinion, after consulting a doctor, Aniball can be helpful for many future mothers - to tame anxiety and work on muscles whose good condition is essential during natural delivery.

And for all this the title of Parental Hit!

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