Doctors are afraid to report NOPs!

Doctors are afraid to report NOPs!

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Yesterday (September 15 at 10) in the Sejm there was a debate "Duty to vaccinate in Poland?", Which met the representation of the National Association of Knowledge about Vaccinations Stop NOP, parents of children injured as a result of vaccinations and representatives of the authorities (Director of the National Medicines Institute, Chief Sanitary Inspector, Director of the Mother and Child Department, deputies to the Sejm). Among the debaters were also doctors, scientists and academic teachers. The debate was about the legitimacy of compulsory vaccinations, but the scope of the topics discussed was much broader - among others, the invited people shared their experience in limiting the possibilities of reporting adverse vaccination reactions, incorrect information provided to the public regarding NOPs, incompetence of doctors, intimidation, making fun of patients' concerns and the lack of any support after children's health problems.

Justyna Socha from the Association and the gathered doctors drew attention to vaccine toxicity, the use of controversial ingredients in their composition, the danger of vaccinating young children (newborns - who are not sure if they are healthy), vaccinating premature babies and all children, including those just undergoing infections. The representatives of the Association pointed out that the number of vaccines has increased dramatically over the years, the number of contraindications for performing medical surgery has decreased, the problem with unreliable information provided to young parents has increased.

Meanwhile, in many European Union countries vaccinations are voluntary, the youngest children are not vaccinated from the first days of life, only later when doctors have more information about the infant's health, not all children with hepatitis B and BCG are vaccinated, only those whose mothers, for example, are sick and have a real risk of passing on the infection to the infant. There are also other types of doubts - doctors point out that there is no research on how the immune system responds to antibodies, how long the vaccine is supposed to protect and to what extent it does. Unfortunately, with an increase in the number of punctures in children the number of chronic diseases is increasing, today there is talk about tsunami allergies, digestive system problems, epilepsy, diabetes.

I admit that I just wanted to "peek" what was happening during the debate, but after the first minutes I didn't have the courage to stop watching. I spent over three hours in front of the computer screen. They scared me stories of parents of childrenthat have suffered after vaccination, information on the NOP statement by 7 independent doctors, which was not sufficient evidence for Sanepid to enter NOP in the register, attempts to manipulate and falsify medical records, refusal of support and treatment, denying facts, contacting various institutions (hospitals, clinics, offices), agreeing that there was no NOP, only so that nobody would take responsibility for the situation.

Very the beginning of the speech of MP Wipler sounded sharply who pointed out that he has evidence that the not-so-recent "scaring public opinion with an alleged measles pandemic" was actually a pharmaceutical marketing operation prepared by the concerns aimed at creating a proper foundation before introducing new vaccinations in Poland.

The biggest benefit of this debate lies elsewhere - thanks to this meeting Poles could see that "madmen" and "anti-vaccines" are real people, terribly hurt, very saddened by the state of the state and disappointed by the health service, expressing their sense and often despite the passage of time , from often tragic events, with great emotions. The attitude of "power" is also significant, as its representatives not only left the room several times, most likely to answer important calls, but while speaking, they presented a low level of content, often evasively and without specificity.

I invite you to watch and form your own opinion:



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