Springboard to school. Annual pre-school preparation

Springboard to school. Annual pre-school preparation

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When we were children, we used paper and crayons in the first grade. Szłączki was made by a teacher. Today, a lot has changed. Five-year-olds undergoing compulsory pre-school preparation have on hand modern educational materials - very colorful, carefully developed, involving all senses and developing many skills. Not without a reason in many respects the knowledge of young children is much greater than years ago.

Springboard to school

There are many textbooks on the publishing market recommended for children in high school. One of the most popular sets is the "Springboard for school. Annual pre-school preparation ”of PWN publishing house. The set consists of six separate booklets:

- Worksheets part 1

- Worksheets part 2

- Worksheets part 3

- Worksheets part 4

- Artist's corner

- Educational games

All manuals are in one folder, which increases the convenience of using them. There is really a lot of materials, so you can doubt whether in the normal teaching cycle in kindergarten or school at least half will be used, but nevertheless the teachers decide in many kindergartens to buy the whole set at once.

Trampoline set for kindergarten

An undoubted advantage is that teachers or parents working with children at home have a lot to choose from. On the other hand, along with the number of pages to be developed, the price of the set also increases - in this case it is about PLN 130 - it must be admitted that it is quite a lot.

Four notebooks

On the plus side, the diligence of workmanship, great attention to detail and extensive experience of educators who developed the "Trampoline" certainly speaks for it. You can buy additional books for the set.

Trampoline set

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