There are new products in retirement contributions for parents

There are new products in retirement contributions for parents

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The interministerial consultation on the draft law on the payment of contributions by the state budget for persons bringing up children is ending. Thanks to this, women running a business will be able to take up childcare leave, just like colleagues working full-time. Self-employed persons, persons insured in KRUS, as well as persons who are not subject to any social insurance after the birth are to gain. The new provisions are to improve the situation of young people on the labor market.

The act is expected to be debated by the Council of Ministers in the coming month and then to the parliament. It will come into force from next year. As one of the provisions of the Pension Act.

According to the new law, women and men running a business are to be able to go to parental leave, during which pension contributions will be paid by the state. The calculation is to be based on 60% of the average salary. The budget would also pay contributions for persons insured in KRUS and for uninsured persons. In these cases, the basis for calculating contributions would be calculated on the basis of 75% of the minimum wage.

The next few months will show if the changes come into force. What do you think about these proposals? Should 'out of pocket' be paid pension contributions for the unemployed? Should entrepreneurial mothers have similar rights as we have full time?