Rafaello made from millet - tasty and healthy

Rafaello made from millet - tasty and healthy

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Rafaello made from millet is an interesting way to have a snack, a dessert that you can easily prepare yourself at home. It has the advantage over the finished product available in the store that it has a healthy composition, and an interesting combination of millet with honey, butter and coconut makes it also tasty. It will also work in the diet of a small allergy sufferer - especially babies unable to eat wheat or gluten.

Rafaello from millet disappears instantly, and children are asking for more!

Rafaelllo with millet

Ingredients, or what you need

  • half a cup of millet (before cooking),
  • a glass of selected milk (can be cow, millet, coconut - depending on your preferences and possibilities),
  • 3 tablespoons of honey (you can also use sugar or xylitol if your child is allergic to honey),
  • about 140 grams of coconut,
  • spoon of butter

Rafaello with millet - preparation

Fry the coconut (about 100 grams) in a dry frying pan until browning.

Pour the groats with cold water, then with boiling water, pour into the pot, add milk. Cook until the porridge absorbs all the milk. We should get a solid consistency that allows us to form balls.

Add coconut to the cooked porridge, mix. Then add honey and butter. Form a warm mass into balls. We wrap in coconut flakes and cool in the fridge. Bon Appetit.