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Pregnancy dummies

Pregnancy dummies

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China is a strange country. Officially, a woman can only have one child. That is why barbarian abortions are performed here, even in the seventh month of pregnancy. That is why, here, the hit of the last months is pregnancy dummies, which allow us to meet in some incomprehensible ways the need for "having a child" and feeling again how it is. An artificial belly costs from PLN 200 to PLN 1,400 per PLN.

A different tummy size can be purchased for each stage of pregnancy: S corresponding to 2-4 months, M 5-7 months and L end of pregnancy. What is all this for? From the prosaic need to obtain a sitting place in crowded means of social communication, through the possibility of shortening working time, and ending with not to arouse unnecessary suspicion when a woman plans to adopt or wants to use the services of surrogates. In addition, it may also be about emphasizing their status. In China, some high-ranking people can get permission for more than one child, which raises the desire to "show" to others as a person who has been distinguished in this way because of special merits.

Such pregnancy dummies are unfortunately a significant burden on the spine and a way to irritate the skin. However, inventors who want to enable women to use dummies without "side effects" are also working on it.