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21 month old baby

21 month old baby

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Babies are usually willing to help and actively participate in home life. They want to dress, eat and clean themselves. They observe what is happening and react angrily to any signs of exclusion, especially the messages - "you are too small / too small". They try to prove that this is not true, that's why they stubbornly climb on the furniture, get on the chair to turn on the light or reach for the toys. They are extremely clever and by watching parents and older siblings learn something new every day. What else does 21 months bring?

21 month old - still on the move

A small child develops through movement, explores the world and his own abilities, joyfully jumping, running, climbing and learning about every fragment of reality. In this way it also develops intellectually. Therefore, it is simply impossible to stop him in the process, on the contrary - the role of the parent is to motivate the baby to spend time as actively as possible.

Of course, it's easy to write, harder to do. Everyday life with a very active little person is extremely tiring and stressful. At every step, a lot of threats await the child.

It is impossible to be with a child every second of his life, which is why it is so important to ensure the safety of the environment in which he moves less than two years old. Let the house be as well prepared as possible, so that if it is necessary to let the child out of sight for a few minutes, there will be no accident.

It is also worth paying attention to the dangerous tendency during this period of development, which is the insertion of small objects into the nose, ears or ... vagina. When you notice this problem, you should remain calm, but also firmness, informing the toddler that this is not a good idea.

21 month old baby - tantrums

Fury and outbursts of anger are unfortunately almost everyday at this stage of development. Some children go through them gently, others make parents feel truly exhausted at the end of the day.

Unfortunately, there is no golden recipe for child's mood swings (read more). One toddler works out ignoring and staying close to hug less than two years old when he is ready for it. Other children cope better alone, look for it themselves, going to another room or hiding in a corner. Still others need the active presence of mom and dad - to distract and reduce the problem.

Regardless of which option a parent chooses, one rule always works - keeping calm. This must always be remembered. Everything to teach the child how to control emotions and cooperation.

21 month old - important routine

Although the child is already quite large and in many respects independent, it still needs a routine, just like an infant. When he knows what will happen in a moment and what to expect, he feels safer and safer. In addition, when it is not surprising, most likely it will not rebel and show resistance, and certainly they will appear less often and in a less painful edition.


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