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23 month of baby's life - learning never ends

23 month of baby's life - learning never ends

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The 23 month of a child's life is a time of further improvement of movement skills and small motor skills. The child practices climbing and descending stairs - in both activities he may need parental support. This strong need to gain the skills of climbing grades and getting to higher levels should motivate the parent to pay more attention to the toddler. It is also worth looking again at the apartment and the child's environment for safety. These are obviously not all changes.

23 month old baby - learning by imitating

Many children at this age begin to pay more attention to the way older children spend their time. They look and imitate, at this stage imitation games are becoming more and more attractive.

The beginnings of "other" fussiness

Children around two years old who have not had a problem with food so far may suddenly refuse to eat well-known meals. They also often become less willing to experiment - their menu becomes very poor. Parents look for reasons, try to find out what happened. The more they show their anxiety, the bigger the problems with a meal can be.

Is there a good way to freak out at dinner? As in other subjects, calmness, composure and consistency are checked. The most difficult stages are simply worth to wait - a child, if he is healthy and develops well, will not suffer at a full table.

"Victims" during play

Children under two years of age do not yet have well-developed motor coordination. They have limited possibilities, which is why during play there are often falls, pushes, trips and collisions. This does not mean that the child is aggressive, but only that it is not yet fully controlled during the enthusiastic play over his body.

Separation anxiety

23 months of age may pass under the sign of separation anxiety. These emotions are natural for children and can appear in different areas of life. It makes no sense to fight them, just support your child with your attitude.

Before you throw yourself into the vortex of preparing dinner or embracing the home after work - sit down and give your child 10 minutes, do not spare time to calmly charge the batteries during the day - especially if the toddler is not sleeping during the day and needs short moments of rest, remember about universal principles, which are: saying hello and saying goodbye to a child and avoiding slipping out of the house.

23 month old baby - passion for dressing ... and undressing

A child of about two years old can discover the joy of undressing and trying to dress himself. It happens that the toddler is so stubborn that he does not allow to put on clothes, and independent attempts are unsuccessful. The toddler is frustrated, angry, grumbles. On the one hand, he wants to be independent, but on the other he is not ready for it.

Active day, active night

Less than a two-year-old child is very active during the day, does not spare strength and time to explore the world. Not surprisingly, everything that has been learned in the afternoon or morning "digests" at night. Therefore, quite unexpectedly for parents can wake up at night. Night wandering and visiting parents' beds are also frequent.