Pregnancy should last 21 months!

Pregnancy should last 21 months!

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Human pregnancy is too short. Scientists have come to such conclusions. In many ways it would be better if it lasted longer. Not only because three months after birth, the child is very vulnerable, and this period is increasingly considered to be the fourth trimester, but also from the point of evolution that has set a kind of trap for our species.The average pregnancy lasts 40 weeks. It is enough for childbirth not to occur at week 42, for the doctor to decide to terminate the pregnancy and induce labor with oxytocin. The advancement of medicine helps keep children smaller and smaller. Babies who would not be able to survive a dozen or so years ago have quite a good chance to develop properly today. Childbirth in the 24th week defines these chances at 70%.

Where does the conclusion that pregnancy should last longer? Especially because of brain size, k25% of the adult brain size. Meanwhile, in the case of chimpanzees this proportion looks like completely different: 50%. That in terms of preparation for life outside the womb we have a newborn baby as well prepared as small chimpanzees, cthe husband would have to last between 18 and 21 months.

Why is this not happening? Nature has shortened pregnancy especially because of restrictions on the female birth canal, which is too narrow for a larger head to get through. On the other hand, scientists estimated that it would be enough for a woman's pelvis to expand by 3cm for natural delivery to be possible. It's not much…

However, the problem is something else. Pregnancy cannot last longer than 9 months, because it is too much of a burden for a woman expecting a child. During pregnancy, not only the belly grows. Changes in the form of prettier skin or hair are also insignificant. The most happens "inside". For example, the volume of blood in a woman's body increases by 50%. Similarly, the heart pumps on average 30 to 50% more blood on each beat. The heart and kidneys also have more work to do. The metabolism at the end of pregnancy reaches a very high level, and the entire body of the woman is so exhausted that it would not be possible to extend the pregnancy. Mother Nature knows this, therefore, being aware of some disadvantages of this solution, she decided to shorten the duration of pregnancy in people to about 40 weeks. At the expense of the birth of a quite vulnerable child, requiring 24 hours of care for many months. The only difference is that after pregnancy, child care can be taken over by other family members: the child's father, grandparents or other relatives. Thanks to this system is more profitable.