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Hungry for change, which is why we need a dietary advice for pregnant women and parents

Hungry for change, which is why we need a dietary advice for pregnant women and parents

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It is becoming increasingly common for children to be obese at an early age, but unfortunately it is most often dictated by poor eating habits or even a lack of parents' awareness of any healthy diet and the need for rational nutrition for the child's proper development, and above all health and well-being or even mood. That is why the Hungry Change project was created, which aims to introduce dietary advice financed by the National Health Fund for pregnant women and parents of young children. We talk about bloggers supporting the project about the project. Obesity is a plague today, why?

Kamila Urbaniak (blog: creatorship): Obesity in children is actually a growing problem and unfortunately statistics show that it's still getting worse. Depending on the data source every 4th or 5th child in Poland is overweight or obese. The problem affects boys more often than girls. But when does child obesity start? Is it really only when it weighs too much and the effects of an inadequate diet and eating habits can be seen with the naked eye? Answers to these questions will help you understand why obesity has become such a problem.

Whether a child is overweight or obese is largely shaped before birth. There is still little talk about it, but not only genes affect the predisposition to the occurrence of specific diseases in a child or obesity. Already in the prenatal period, the development of obesity in the child in the future is affected by the quantity and quality of products that the mother eats, her level of physical activity (active, sitting, lying), childbirth or cesarean section and finally breastfeeding or modified milk. Drugs taken by the mother also play a significant role. It is also worth mentioning the pollution of the environment: water, soil, the use of a large amount of chemicals for cleaning, washing, care. Nothing affects our health.

Such a small child is already born burdened with certain factors promoting obesity. The most important, however, happens after birth, i.e. overfeeding the babywhose body creates new fat cells able to store more and more fat. Subsequently, bad eating habits present at home cause the unconscious child develops taste buds towards preferences for unhealthy products. He eats what is served at home, drinks a huge amount of drinks and juices, fights with his parents in the store to buy sweets and buns, and gets breakfast cereal with milk. Has a natural reluctance to healthy, unprocessed products because he does not know their taste. If we combine it with low physical activity, hours spent in front of a computer or tablet and less and less valuable time devoted by parents to children - we have a problem ready.

It is also worth adding that in families where the child survives high stress or in dysfunctional families children are more likely to develop overweight or obesity. Working parents for longer and longer they don't have time for children they don't see the problem in the bud when overweight can still be prevented. Children whose parents are constantly absent try to drown their emotions and find safety. It often becomes food. Going to the school where they are harassed and ridiculed, the problem is getting worse and unfortunately we have a vicious circle. Children can't handle it, so they eat even more.

As you can see, therefore, we have a lot of factors that cause that obesity is becoming a scourge. Poor mother's diet, stress, polluted environment, little physical activity and bad eating habits "produce" childhood obesity. Therefore, the child's health begins with conscious mother who cares about their health, the quality of consumed products and physical activity. A healthy mother, caring for her diet, instills healthy eating habits in children. As a result, their risk of obesity is drastically reduced. The sooner we start educating parents, especially mothers, the better we are able to prevent childhood obesity. It is widely known that prevention is better than cure. The consequences of obesity are terrifying. It is said that children should have "some body". Won't they grow out of it? Maybe you're alert for exaggeration?

unconventional (author of the blog: //niekon "A little body" is not caused by health, but health problems from which it does not arise. Bad eating habits are very difficult to change for adults, let alone children. It depends on us whether we will teach a child to eat or clog up. Eating habits is the biggest problem of today. The "little body" is deposited not only outside but also inside.