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Results from the top commentator for August

Results from the top commentator for August

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Dear Parents, thank you once again for active participation in our competition. August was hot not only outside the window, but also on the site, where we touched on difficult and for some controversial topics. During the discussion you were with us, arguing, expressing your opinion. Thank you for that. We were very pleased. Already today we invite you to the September edition of the competition, which we will announce in a few days on the website. The rules of the competition are inexorable. We can reward 9 people.

First prize Antosiowa winsto which we send: the Tilda Rabbit mascot, the Tilda Pony mascot and the book "Your child happy in kindergarten". Thank you for courage in expressing your opinions and careful reading of articles posted on the site. We hope that Tilda style toys will become one of your favorites. :)

Most comments during the competition she posted OlkaG (140). Thank you for active participation in the life of the site and very interesting thoughts. He goes to OlkiG for a lot of inspiration Tilda Rabbit mascot and the book "Your child happy in kindergarten".

We would like to give the books "Your child happy in kindergarten" and at the same time distinguish:


2. m258



5. Paula (pamig ...)

6. Raisin


Thank you once again for participating in the fun and we invite you to visit the site frequently!