How are Polish women born? Late and ... not enough

How are Polish women born? Late and ... not enough

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Poland is depopulating. Although in the first half of the year Polish women gave birth to 193,9 thousand children, which is 3.9 thousand (2.1%) more than a year ago at this time, it is still not enough to say that it is good.

Demographers from the Central Statistical Office believe that the same number of children will be born in 2012 as in 2011. Other figures are more illustrative. For every 100 women between the ages of 15 and 49, 130 born children fall in Poland. This gives us a result of 1.3. To be able to write that we are dealing with a positive indicator, this number would have to be from 2.1 to 2.15.

How does Poland compare with other countries? It is not good ... It is worse only in Europe in the Czech Republic, Lithuania and Romania. In the world ranking we occupy 208 position out of 228 classified countries.

Today, the average age at which a woman gives birth to the first child is approaching 29 years. For comparison, in 1990 it was 26.2.

An unfavorable trend allowing the use of the baby boomers of the 1980s can only be supported by appropriate state policies. Virtually everyone agrees. If something does not change in this topic, it will only get worse in the future. Productive people will have to work even more to sustain the economy and people on pensions. In such conditions, it is difficult to expect that the birth rate will be higher ...