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Piątuś - Greek-style yogurt, Piątnica

Piątuś - Greek-style yogurt, Piątnica

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The search for good taste yogurt for children is a great challenge. There are a lot of offers on the market ... but the vast majority only cause negative emotions. The standard is adding "for taste" glucose-fructose syrup, dyes, aromas, additions quite unnecessary, suspected of negative reactions: allergies, hyperactivity, increasing the risk of obesity.

The more Piątuś the Greek type yogurt stands out positively in this black abyss.

No, this is not an ideal product (a pity), but one that paves the way and gives hope that it will only be better. We keep our fingers crossed for the good decisions of the producer - Piątnica. We believe that more will follow after this product.

And for Piątnica today a big HIT, Parental HIT for Piątusiów in two flavors that we had the opportunity to test together with children.

Piatus yogurts

Piątuś - composition

Piątuś yogurts have simple composition. A plus for that. It is not perfect, but good, positively stands out from the competition.

For vanilla yogurt, it looks like this:

pasteurized milk, vanilla charge 20% (sugar, water, citrus fiber, lemon juice concentrate, vanilla extract, ground vanilla pod 0,03%) live cultures of yogurt bacteria Streptococcus therophilus, Lactobacillus bulgaricus

In the product you will find ground vanilla pod - real, not any artificial additives with vanilla flavor and aroma. There is sugar in second place - but in fruit yoghurts it is almost the norm, so you should treat them more as desserts than main dishes and serve in reasonable quantities. In addition, the composition "pure", without unnecessary ingredients and controversial substances. Bravo!

Taste and visual impressions

Piątuś yogurt is quite thick. It can be associated more with homogenised cheese than with classic yogurt. It is not artificially colored, therefore it has a delicate, natural color. And the taste ... sweet, but compared to popular Danonkas or other desserts and milk yoghurts for children definitely milder.

The yogurt is enclosed in a small, shapely cup with a capacity of 125 g. It is decorated with beautiful graphics that encourage children to taste the content.

Overall product rating: