How do you choose baby bedding?

How do you choose baby bedding?

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Baby bedding is not needed in all homes. Sometimes, despite the wonderfully prepared baby cot, the child or parents choose to sleep together. Then the infant has been using adult bedding from the earliest days of life.

Usually, however, you plan to buy bedding while you are pregnant, assuming that sooner or later it will be useful. It is worth considering these tips.

How do you choose baby bedding?

The first months of an infant's life pass in a cot. The toddler spends a lot of time sleeping, which is why choosing bedding for this period of life is crucial. It is not only about the aesthetic aspect (although this is extremely important), but above all about the comfort of rest.

On the market we have simple bedding sets consisting of a pillowcase and quilt, as well as more extensive - also included rung protectors, when buying it is worth checking if they are long enough to serve not only during the baby period, but also then when the child grows up.

Baby bedding should be easy to clean and pleasant to touch. The material can not be irritating, rough, which can contribute to allergic reactions and irritate the very delicate skin of the child. It must be of high quality to look good after repeated washing and ironing. Any fabrics of inferior quality will quickly force another purchase of baby bedding.

Usually works best Cotton. This is becausethat it can be washed at high temperatures, which allows you to remove dust and dirt from it. It also allows you to get rid of any dirt, stains formed during downpouring, as well as after leaking diaper.

The sheet is best when it is finished with an elastic band, which allows it to be put on the mattress precisely and avoids pulling. What material will work best? For the youngest children, a sheet with. Works best cotton. Some parents are also happy to use sheets from terry.

Pattern and theme bedding is less important. You can choose those suggestions that will match the room's decor and will simply appeal to parents. There is still a view that it is better baby bedding in bright colors, whose material is less pigmented and therefore safer. However, when buying products that are offered strictly for the youngest children, with appropriate certificates, we should not be afraid that they will be inappropriate.

Does an infant need a pillow?

Opinions about whether the baby bedding should include a pillow are divided. Experts are concerned about the effects of covering the head with a pillow or inserting the head in it when the pillow is high. That is why they recommend that the baby simply lies on the mattress. However, there are other voices, especially speech therapists, who are supporters of small baby pillows. Read more about it and decide whether to place a pillow or not.

Security Issue

Baby bedding should be devoid of any unnecessary decorations in the form of protruding ribbons, buttons, and elements improving its aesthetic value should be designed so as to ensure, first of all, the safety of the child. In practice, it is about specific solutions. For example, zippers or covered buttons that give access only to adults work well at the fastening point.

How to care for baby bedding?

In addition to the fact that bedding for babies should be carefully selected, you need to care for it properly. It is advisable to wash at least twice a month, and preferably once a week, it is important, because in the first months the baby often spends a lot of time in the cot. Secondly, it is important to pay attention to what cleaning agents are used. See how to wash baby's clothes and bedding. It is also advisable to dry baby bedding preferably outside or in dryers in the winter season.

Baby bedding is not the only solution. Read when to choose a cone, sleeping bag and blanket.