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Maleńczuk about autism. A show of stupidity in the singer's release?

Maleńczuk about autism. A show of stupidity in the singer's release?

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Maciej Maleńczuk is known for his sharp language and critical assessment of reality. He speaks sharply about the government, politicians, president and recent events. We do not judge his actions in this regard. However, when they affect defenseless children and their parents, it is difficult to remain indifferent. Therefore, this time the Parent KIT goes to Maleńczuk, who was supposed to announce that autistic children are born from rape and sex of drunk people. In his statement, it was supposed to be an argument for the right to abortion.

In the program "Kropka nad i" by Monika Olejnik, Maleńczuk said, among others (the whole statement is available on tvn pages): "Imagine a banal situation. A 17-year-old girl goes to a disco, gets drunk because she can get drunk (...) and does it with a moron who is also drunk and comes out of - say - a child with autism. Suddenly this 17-year-old girl is going to arrange her life this way? One stupid mistake, one stupid disco. You can't do that!

Does Maleńczuk cross the border with these words?

On the Autism and My group of over 4,000 members, who are mainly parents and carers of autistic children, they are in agitation. Paulina commented this way:

After 1, he has no idea what autism is or what this disease is. After 2. Sam has addictions and may have claimed from his own example. After 3. Insulting someone and pointing out their mistakes is not okay. I bet no parent wants to have a disabled child And those responsible do not behave as they said "this thing" (another term, unfortunately, don't use a clown for that). After 4. making fun of the poor is not cool. He thinks what (if he thinks) if he has the money, because they pay him a "face" for his curve, that everyone has ... unfortunately. It's sad to see how people who think they are really are DNEM. I wish with all my heart that life would experience it again.
I wonder what disease is suffering from this something mhhmmm ... let me guess? Hypo-throat syndrome or rather syndrome of low-interest brain? Personally, I think that such people should be punished for such words because we will not find conscience and understanding ...
- sister of girl with autism (2 years 7 months) "

Bożena added:

Pathetic, how unaware people speak on an unknown topic and whether they are ordinary citizens or "stars", do not worry, because in our lives there is no place for it.

Maleńczuk's statement was ill-considered and unsupported by any facts. Shows basic knowledge gaps. It is a pity that a public figure speaks on topics he has no idea about.